Up to 90 percent of companies rely on staffing agencies to help optimize the effectiveness of their hiring processes. When you partner with a specialized staffing firm, your investment will be realized many times over as they enable you to slot the best qualified candidates into the right jobs.

Here are some reasons why pairing with a niche staffing firm can ensure that you stay on time, on budget and on point with your recruitment strategy:

Cost Savings

Successful recruitment takes a lot of time and resources – and it’s an ongoing priority. By working with a specialized staffing partner, you can turn much of the responsibility over to them, freeing up your and your staff to focus on the other responsibilities on your likely-very-full plates.

  • Lower your advertising budget. Staffing firms have funds set aside for advertising as part of their total effort on your part. Leverage these dollars – and save your own.
  • Convert fixed costs to variable costs. You may have limited room for overhead expenses but still need to staff up in times of high customer demand. Your staffing firm will work with you to meet these needs – and you won’t have to carry fixed employee costs during down times.
  • Reduce risk. You get the talent without the overhead. Staffing agency employees report to you, but you have no liability for their worker’s comp, payroll taxes, unemployment claims or benefits.

Streamline Your Process

A staffing agency that specializes in your industry has an established candidate database and professional network. Your recruiter has a pulse on superstar talent including passive candidates, those individuals who are not actively seeking employment. They are ranked in the top five to 10 percent of their field when it comes to industry performance.

  • Enhance productivity and flexibility. A specialized staffing firm can bring in experienced talent that can hit the ground running, quickly adapting to your culture and environment, as well as the job itself.
  • Hire with accuracy. Your recruitment partner will quickly analyze your current talent status and how it aligns with your company’s short and long-term plans. They’ll help you tweak expectations as needed so they remain realistic and achievable, and they’ll design searches that are customized to your specific needs.
  • Lower administrative costs. Your agency will handle such tasks as sifting through initial resume submissions, pre-screening candidates, and conducting background and reference checks.

Unmatched Market Intelligence

Niche recruiters have their finger on the pulse of the industries with which they work, including knowledge, expertise and an inside track on developments, news and trends. Their level of experience far exceeds that of most HR departments, simply because sourcing and recruitment are their core business.

  • Your recruiter will ensure that everyone involved in the hiring process is on the same page. They keep candidates engaged and informed so you don’t risk losing top prospects to your competition. And they provide you with regular updates and guidance.
  • Essential insider information helps you develop competitive compensation packages. Specialized recruiters know your business and they know which questions to ask. By ensuring that candidates are the right fit for your organization, they help build your positive retention rate. This has a domino effect on morale and on your reputation as an industry-leading employer.

The right staffing firm partnership makes all the difference in hiring success. To learn more and access the Magellan Search & Staffing network of top talent in your industry, contact us today.