As you prepare for your accounting analyst interview, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that you’ll likely encounter, so you can handle them with clarity, conciseness and confidence. In other words, what do you need to know to rise above the competition, now that you’ve made it this far?

Expect to be faced with behavioral, scenario-based questions requiring you to explain how you reached business decisions and conclusions. They are designed specifically to test your analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Use the STAR technique. Describe situations, tasks actions and results as you compose your successful responses.
  • You’ll probably be pressed for more information. You may need to draw diagrams and mockups, then use relevant information to demonstrate your proficiency in the art of analysis. Your interviewer is testing the position you’ve created, so be ready to respond accordingly.

Among the most common questions asked during an accounting analyst interview are:

“What do you know about our organization?”

Be sure to thoroughly research the company and the job. While you’re at it, Google your interviewer and learn a little bit about them as well. If possible, find out what kind of environment you’d be getting into; for instance, do people function interactively in team scenarios or would you be working independently most of the time?

  • Find out where the business has been and where it plans to go. What are their current issues and who are the major players? How will your role as analyst fit into the big picture? Learn all you can about the company’s history, organizational structure, products and services, and competitive status.

“Why should we hire you?”

This question addresses your ability to sell yourself. You’re the product. Why would this organization want to buy you?

  • Provide specific examples that illustrate your success in exceeding goals and driving business results. For instance, the employer may be seeking a professional who can think on their feet and make decisions on a moment’s notice. You may want to provide an example of how you lowered prices for volume dealers or a similar incident with long-term ramifications.

“Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.”

Your interviewer expects you to be efficient in knowing how to consistently meet deadlines and targets, even though they may be moving. Your communication, time management and organizational skills are under the microscope.

  • Give examples showing that you thrive under pressure. Discuss ongoing deadlines that you’ve met on a regular basis and crises you’ve resolved. As you do so, showcase your confidence and savvy. After all, that’s what this question is all about, right?

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