When you hire your next project manager, what qualities are you seeking? Defining job scope, developing schedules, securing resources, managing risk, leading a successful team, and controlling safety and quality… These are just a few of the myriad responsibilities involved.

The Best Project Managers Excel As:

Decision Makers

It seems simplistic but it’s the basis of good project management: Every decision must be efficient, effective and beneficial to optimal results.

  • Decisions are made based on knowledge, team input and calculated risk. The goal is to minimize uncertainty.
  • The best managers share the rationale behind their choices. This is based on teamwork as participants are enabled to express their opinions and concerns. These managers ask penetrating questions, instinctively detect unstated assumptions, and quickly resolve conflicts.


The best managers have a natural ability to communicate with stakeholders at all levels regarding goals, responsibilities, performance, expectations and feedback.

  • They’re open, direct and persuasive. This includes strong negotiation skills to ensure timely progress and project success.
  • They support individual and team accomplishments. This includes creating explicit guidelines for results and the career advancement of everyone involved.
  • They are enthusiastic, realistic and optimistic. They keep stakeholders informed, setting reasonable but assertive deadlines.


Successfully bringing a project to fruition requires a leader who inspires a shared vision. They articulate this vision well and enable others to feel they have a real stake in it. In essence, they empower team members to experience the vision on their own.

  • Good managers thrive on change and drawing new boundaries. They are constantly receptive to new ideas that help move a project ahead.
  • While not losing sight of key details, they see and achieve the big picture. They break goals down into smaller, more manageable parts. They see the forest and the trees at the same time.

Time Managers

High-performing project managers are distinguishable by their organizational skills, efficiency and punctuality. They have the natural ability to distinguish between what is and is not essential and find alternate solutions to problems. If a strategy is weak, they know when to cut their losses and abandon it for something better.

  • An earmark of a good project manager is technical and software fluency. They optimize the use of tools such as Microsoft Project to organize work groups, tasks, timelines and budgets.


Project management is a field in and of itself – and within it, the best professionals are natural leaders. They are capable and competent, and along with their technical expertise, they have the talent to successfully guide, facilitate, inspire and set examples for others.

  • They delegate tasks and demonstrate trust. They stay cool under pressure with a hardy attitude that takes problems and challenges in stride. They foster engagement and express a commitment to goals through optimism.
  • They build cohesive teams where members help and support one another. They instinctively know the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and lead based on that knowledge.

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