Employee education begins when a candidate submits an application. Interaction within the company fosters candidates’ understanding of the organization’s mission and goals. Increase your employee retention! Building a stable, talented workforce is the lifeblood of a successful business.

Train In Company Culture

The workplace is a learning environment.  New employees learn habits and routines from what they see around them.  Staff orientation is essential to an applicant’s entry into the workplace, but the setting their colleagues and supervisors create will ultimately dictate the long-term behavior of the office.

Each employee is also an individual within the organization.  Demanding uniformity is a dead-end stance for management, but an employer can still train towards a company mission.  Use mentoring practices and allow employees to actively coach within the organization.  Consider setting up inter-organizational mentoring relationships – this will help employees cross-train other employees and build camaraderie within the company.

Set Tiered Goals

Keep in mind, goals should not be company, employee or departmentally centric.  An employer ought to set organizationwide goals.  Use incentives that are distributed to employees, departments and the company as a whole.  This broadens the workplace’s perspective.  It reminds people that individual accomplishment is valued, but it also reminds them they are part of a company that must work together to succeed.

Consider Employees’ Voices

Outside of the company or business are important resources at a manager’s disposal: professional networks, electronic contracting services, experts who train others within their industry, etc.

Consider some developmental resources that are embedded in the organization, which are key to workplace betterment.  How do employees dress at work?  How productive is the office space itself?  Is the office clean and well stocked with materials?  Little changes can make a big difference.

While a strong manager, a firm economic vision and education-centered office all maximize retention, remember – employees have voices – given the opportunity they will help better the business with proper feedback.  Incentives, rewards, monetary and promotional, all help to announce an employer’s attention to their employees’ voices.  Try and release some control within the organization and you may find that employees can help organize themselves.

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