Losing your job isn’t always a bad thing. While it may seem like an unexpected setback, unemployment is the perfect time for growth as both an individual and professional. Rather than taking the counter-productive, shotgun approach in your job hunt, focus on becoming more hirable. Here’s how.


Volunteering can raise your chances of being hired if you’re strategic about it. Offer your services pro bono somewhere relevant in your field to keep your skills fresh while enhancing your resume. To hiring managers, it shows that you are passionate about the work you do and that money isn’t the sole reason you wake up before noon. Volunteering prevents gaps in employment on your resume as well.

Keep Your Skills Current

Make yourself a more competitive candidate for future job openings by learning new skills relevant to your field, or by sharpening the ones you already have. Take advantage of free resources online, such as tutorials, e-books and how-to videos. Or, if you prefer a more formal classroom environment, enroll in a course at your local college. Updating your skillset shows potential employers you’re serious about your work and that you take initiative.


A resume handed directly to the hiring manager from someone within the company is more likely to get noticed. Now that you’re searching for a new position, every connection you have becomes critical. Reach out to former mentors, colleagues and bosses for assistance; but develop new contacts as well through professional networking events and lectures. By making as many meaningful connections as possible, you will eventually meet someone eager to open doors for you.


Don’t limit yourself by only searching for full-time work. Freelancing is a great way to enhance your skills, build on your portfolio and bring in income.  Also, if you do a great job, whoever hired you is more likely to recommend you for a permanent position or offer you more assignments.


A blog won’t bring you money, but it could lead to your next job. And sure, blogging takes up a lot of time, but you have plenty of it. Bloggers regularly read up on issues in their field, connect with influential people in the industry and share their ideas. Contributing to a blog in your field helps you build a reputation as an expert in the industry.

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