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3 Questions You Will Be Asked At Your Upcoming Accounting Analyst Interview

As you prepare for your accounting analyst interview, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that you’ll likely encounter, so you can handle them with clarity, conciseness and confidence. In other words, what do you need to know to rise above the competition, now that you’ve made it this far? Expect to be faced with behavioral, scenario-based questions requiring you to explain how you reached business decisions and conclusions. They are designed specifically to test your analytical and problem-solving skills. Use the STAR technique. Describe situations, tasks actions and results as you compose your successful responses. You’ll probably be pressed [...]

3 Questions You Will Be Asked At Your Upcoming Accounting Analyst Interview2014-12-03T15:55:45-06:00

The 5 Best Mechanical Engineering Schools

From MIT and Harvard to Stanford and Cal Tech. From Cornell and Princeton to UCLA and the University of Texas... and points in between. What are the nation’s best schools for mechanical engineering? And more importantly, which one is the best for you? Looking at the realm of choices from a Philly perspective, our own University of Pennsylvania and Penn State are among those ranked highest on a consistent basis by sources including US News and World Report. Here’s a snapshot of these schools and three other top-ranked programs: History & Ivy League Excellence Love Philadelphia and its history? You can attend one [...]

The 5 Best Mechanical Engineering Schools2014-11-07T16:44:52-06:00

How to Explain Temporary Employment on Your Resume

If you’re currently looking for a job, it’s not uncommon to find yourself with one or more temporary work assignments included in your employment history. So the question naturally arises: Do you include them all on your resume? If you don’t, is that permissible - or are you failing to present a true picture? Omitting certain short-term assignments is not only allowable, but it helps ensure that your resume is a lean, concise and effective marketing tool for your future success. But often, temp jobs are viewed by recruiters and hiring managers as positive aspects of candidates – demonstrating their initiative and willingness [...]

How to Explain Temporary Employment on Your Resume2014-11-06T16:20:47-06:00

Want a Career in IT? Here’s How to Prepare

There’s a revolution under way in the IT job market. Employers are desperate to find professionals with expertise in high-demand areas like mobile app development, cloud computing and business analytics. But they also need well-rounded individuals with sharp business acumen and well-developed communication and interpersonal capabilities. How can you become this ideal candidate? Yes, there is an IT skills gap. But it’s not necessarily limited to a lack of technical skills. It also involves strategic skills, which managers are increasingly demanding of everyone in their departments. These include: Business analysis. Relationship building. Understanding the value of IT to the entire enterprise. Navigating internal [...]

Want a Career in IT? Here’s How to Prepare2014-10-27T17:32:09-05:00

How to Create a Culture of Safety in Your Manufacturing Facility

If you manage a manufacturing plant, your people are your greatest asset – and protecting them from injury and illness is critical to your ongoing success. Achieving an injury-free workplace starts with one critical decision: Make safety a core value and adopt a safety culture. The best manufacturing operations create a culture of safety. And it naturally spills over into quality, delivery and production. When safety numbers are met, everything else adds up as well. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) notes that developing a strong safety culture has the single greatest impact on accident reduction of any manufacturing process. Such a [...]

How to Create a Culture of Safety in Your Manufacturing Facility2014-10-27T14:38:39-05:00

5 Personality Traits to Look For in a Project Manager

When you hire your next project manager, what qualities are you seeking? Defining job scope, developing schedules, securing resources, managing risk, leading a successful team, and controlling safety and quality... These are just a few of the myriad responsibilities involved.   The Best Project Managers Excel As: Decision Makers It seems simplistic but it’s the basis of good project management: Every decision must be efficient, effective and beneficial to optimal results. Decisions are made based on knowledge, team input and calculated risk. The goal is to minimize uncertainty. The best managers share the rationale behind their choices. This is based on teamwork as [...]

5 Personality Traits to Look For in a Project Manager2014-10-23T20:08:26-05:00

Accounting Job Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

Are you looking to advance your accounting career in 2015? If so, feel good about the fact that your industry is on the rise. The accounting field is growing and changing more rapidly than ever before. Recent research confirms the theory that top accounting pros will continue to be in high demand for their cutting edge money management skills.   Top Ten Accounting Jobs Ask the experts and they’ll verify that these jobs will be among the most sought after by employers across the U.S. in 2015: Staff accountant Accounts payable manager Payroll manager Collections specialist Tax accountant Mortgage loan processor Auditing director [...]

Accounting Job Trends to Watch Out for in 20152014-10-23T15:39:39-05:00

Embracing Your Manufacturing Team’s Creativity

As a manufacturing leader, you’re challenged every day to improve performance and deliver results. Sometimes it means inciting an individual employee to go the extra mile. Other times, you have to inspire entire teams to raise the bar. There’s no magic bullet for stimulating team creativity. You need a flexible, creative approach of your own to consistently make it happen. Shoot for Purpose – Not Just Profit Of course, it’s all about making ticket and boosting the bottom line for today, this week, this month and this quarter. But instead of continually preaching to employees about why they need to perform better, focus [...]

Embracing Your Manufacturing Team’s Creativity2014-10-03T14:22:25-05:00

Tools to Help Keep Your Accounting Team Top Notch

Are you looking for the best on-line accounting solution for your business? A number of Web-based tools are available, offering the convenience of accessing key information from any Internet-connected device. They are Cloud based and use both Web and mobile technology. You can connect them to your financial institutions and credit card transactions, and the follow standard double-entry accounting rules. Use these tools to: Create customer, vendor and employee records. Manage income and expenses via transaction forms such as invoices and bills. Process payroll. Here’s a brief look at some of the best options available: QuickBooks Online Plus This is the original and [...]

Tools to Help Keep Your Accounting Team Top Notch2014-09-29T18:27:17-05:00

Best Certifications for Launching Your Accounting Career

So, you’ve earned your Bachelor’s degree in accounting and you’re ready to take your career plans to the next level. Do you dive into the workforce now, continue to advance your education, or both? Earning recognized certifications, beginning with designation as a certified public accountant, or CPA, can help you land the job you’ve always wanted and enhance your standing in an increasingly competitive marketplace. When you’re job hunting, hiring managers see the time and effort you’ve invested in earning certifications as a testament to your commitment to succeed in your chosen profession. It can serve to increase your salary requirements, as well [...]

Best Certifications for Launching Your Accounting Career2014-09-24T15:51:02-05:00
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