As you plan for success in the New Year, consider this: Numerous studies have shown the things workers want most – and which correlate with improved energy, morale and productivity – are interesting work, appreciation for what they do, a feeling of involvement and “being in the loop.”

Here are five tips for improving your workplace in 2014:

Respect People

Foster a culture that’s inclusive, caring, creative and mindful of others.

  • Facilitate work/life balance. Baxter Labs recently asked employees worldwide, what the company could do to make things better for them. The resounding response was that workers wanted to be “respected as whole human beings with a life outside of work.” Make this balance easier by supporting the needs of your team members when it comes to parenting and family matters. This could be a few hours off to take an elderly parent to a medical appointment, on-site child care or job sharing to accommodate personal schedules.
  • Live diversity. Educate your workforce and make diversity a way of life. Especially as the year winds to a close, be sure that holiday celebrations are inclusive. Provide diversity training and make sure that employee teams and committees have members from various cultural and religious backgrounds, as well as genders and sexual orientations.

Empower Employees

Don’t micromanage. Instead, give employees direction, guidance and support, then get out of their way.

  • Perception is reality. And micromanagement is perceived as a control measure designed to quash employees’ ideas and prevent them from thinking for themselves. The key is to remain accessible and watch from a distance, just in case your input is needed. Otherwise, let employees run with their ideas and plans. Experience is a great teacher – and they will learn from mistakes and, more importantly, move forward with an increased sense of accomplishment, progress, and desire to do more.

Reward and Recognize

The value of employee recognition is immeasurable. The message is simple: Just do it.

  • It doesn’t have to be elaborate, time consuming or expensive. Recognize employees for jobs well done, whether it’s a personal thank you, an Associate of the Month award, or tickets to take their family to a baseball game in exchange for working late to address a crisis.

Offer Professional Development

Take an interest and provide the tools needed for each employee to learn, grow and develop in their roles, as well as achieve their long-term career aspirations.

  • Keep your training function current and meaningful. In addition to in-house programs, support outside training, workshops and conferences.
  • Involve employees in succession planning. Dialogue with them regarding where they want to be in future years – and help them get there.

Equip Your Team to Succeed

Provide the resources for employees to do their jobs well. If you expect progress, innovation, creativity and efficiency, you have to supply the tools.

  • Make sure equipment is well maintained and materials are in good supply.
  • Don’t be penny wise but pound foolish. Investments like new smartphones, the latest versions of software packages, GPS devices, digital recorders and PDAs can pay for themselves many times over.

For additional tips on how to make your workplace – and your team – the best it can be, turn to the professional development experts at Magellan Search & Staffing. We can help make 2014 your best year yet! If you are looking for staffing agencies in Philadelphia PA, contact us today.