No matter who we are, we are all united by a single point of entry to any job we seek: the interview process, and having to impress a hiring manager.

Resumes are important, yes. But they are largely impersonal. In order to truly get a leg up on the competition, you need to understand the motives and needs of the hiring manager you are corresponding with, and hopefully meeting in person or by phone.

Prepped & Ready: A How To Guide

It is always important to be punctual and appropriately dressed for a face-to-face interview. This can vary wildly job-to-job and position-to-position. But here are some key interpersonal dynamics that you should be aware of before entering any office.

1. Prep with research – Not only is this a great way to begin to understanding your potential employer’s mission, goals, and history, but it is also an effective and productive way to keep your mind on task. No amount of worrying will prepare your for an interview, and possessing thorough and researched knowledge of an employer can only bolster your chances for a position.

2. Practice, of course – The web is loaded with sample interview questions that can help you prepare for the interview. There is absolutely no harm in going over them and preparing answers. And doing so in front of a mirror or with a friend will also familiarize you with your own body language and facial expression; maximizing the control you have in what is otherwise a demanding situation.

3. Look the Part – Be aware of the dress and conduct of the position you seek. While looks are not everything, they are most people’s source of a first impression, and to be clean, cut, and appropriately dressed can get your foot in the door smoothly.

4. Be ready – Your hiring manager is, most likely, a busy man or woman. When you enter an interview room, be ready: no fixing the tie, no last application of blush, no rifling through briefcases.

5. Always be attentive – Do not placate your interviewer. Remember, this person is your gateway into a career, so respond attentively, and ask questions that you truly have, not the ones that look good or fill the space of a pause.

6. Always own your sentiments – You are an adult in an active workforce. If you do happen to be late, or do require a last minute search through you briefcase, one should own the problem and not assign blame somewhere outside the interview room.

7. Always ask for the job – This is a small, but indicative part of the interview. Do not forget to ask for the job. For example, “This seems like a great, progressive company. I enjoyed the interview and would love to become a part of the team.”

You get one chance, if you are fortunate, to cinch the deal. Practice effective interviewing and sales techniques that “wow” any hiring manager, and you will be on your way to success.  And remember, you cannot be offered what you do not ask for!

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