Turnover in the construction business can lead to project delays, scheduling nightmares, cost overages and in the worst cases, threats to workers’ health and safety. It’s expensive to hire replacement talent and ensure that employees are properly-fit tested and ready to take on their new positions. Research has repeatedly shown that new hires make the most on-the-job mistakes.

One recent survey showed that up to 40 percent of construction workers were unhappy with their jobs due to factors ranging from pay rates, practice management and promotion prospects to hours and lack of opportunity to use their professional skills. Approximately one-third said they were considering leaving their current companies.

How can you keep your current workforce loyal – and avoid the stress and setbacks associated with turnover?

Hire right the first time around.

Hiring the right talent to begin with is the single best way to reduce employee turnover.

  • Analyze your current workforce. Focus on your most talented, reliable people and pinpoint their positive traits. This will help you to identify top performers during your hiring process.
  • Look beyond the hard skills. Identify candidates with strong work ethics, teamwork and communication skills, and the collaboration and understanding required for the job.
  • Do your due diligence before hiring. Complete reference checks and consider personality assessments. It’s worth the extra time and effort to ensure a good all-around fit.

Offer competitive compensation.

Quality tradespeople want to know that they’re being paid fairly. Keep a pulse on what the competition is offering and be sure you meet or exceed current market rates.

Try before you buy.

Would you invest in a major piece of equipment or technology without giving it a trial run? To help ensure hiring success, consider adding temporary workers to your team. The benefits include:

  • You can try a tradesperson on the job before making a permanent commitment.
  • You avoid adding to your head count and are shielded from payroll, insurance and related costs until the time and talent is right to do otherwise.
  • You can staff up and down as customer demands and specs change.

Partnering with a specialized recruitment firm that regularly places construction professionals is a smart strategy as you seek to manage attrition and optimize your employee retention rate. Contact the team at Magellan Search & Staffing to learn more.