When updating your LinkedIn profile, contributing anything less than character limit sets you behind your competition. LinkedIn search systems favor profiles that are 100% complete. According to their statistics, only 50% of users maintain a 100% complete profile; so this simple step puts you ahead of nearly 100 million people. LinkedIn values profiles loaded with keywords as well. Inject your profile with keywords in these areas to raise your search relevance!


Short of your headshot, your headline is the first thing a potential employer will see on your profile, so make it count. Avoid broad and boring titles like, “Operations and Production,” followed by your company name. Instead, use director or manager of operations and production, who increases efficiency at a given company and directs process improvements in a said division.


An exciting lead is key here, as you need something that will attract the interest of an employer and keep them reading. This section is broader and longer than you headline, but no less important in terms of packing in keywords. Research the profiles of people who are currently employed in the position you want, or look into how your desired position is being advertised. What words occur frequently? An Independent Social Media Consultant might lead with, “I’m a seasoned digital executive, leader, strategist, and expert in business communications and operational management.” If you are interested in digital sales you might see: ecommerce, online marketing, social media marketing, web sales, new media or interactive sales. Capitalize on these words and add them to your summary.


The interest section further expands your marketability, but also allows you show your personality.  Here, it is still important to remain focused on keywords. List a variety of job titles alongside key product areas that you have experience in and wish to pursue further. To use an example from above: “As a Digital Sales Manager and a candidate for Director for Interactive Sales, once I have identified an effective sales model I utilize it to its true potential and act as an Account Manager for it…”

The challenge of keywords, however, is that they make-up an ever-changing field. Helpful tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool are free, and they allow you to track the relevancy of keywords and mark their changes. By keeping up-to-date on what people are searching for, you can monitor the evolving relevancy of your LinkedIn profile.