Social media is a great tool for managing your career, keeping up with industry developments or staying in touch with family and friends. But it has it’s pitfalls as well. Here are a few to watch for as you navigate social media’s ever-changing terrain.

1. Not Separating the Personal From the Professional

Know Your Company Policy. Many companies have social content policies – what you can or cannot say regarding proprietary information or when you are acting as their representative. Some common sense tips:

  • Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your boss to read
  • Don’t complain about work
  • Don’t lie about your sick days
  • Don’t post during working hours

2. Making Your Private Life Too Public

Facebook and other social media are a great venue for sharing with friends and family, but content lasts forever and you can’t count on privacy policies that seem to change daily, so try to be reasonable in what you post.

  • Don’t post about controversial topics
  • Don’t be excessively negative
  • Don’t post too many partying pictures
  • Don’t allow others to post or tag pictures of you without approval

3. Lack of Social Media Presence

If you don’t turn up in Google searches at all, that’s a red flag to employers too. Are you completely out of touch and not on social media? Are your privacy settings locked down so tightly because you have something to hide? Don’t give potential employers anything to wonder about, get active online.

IT Hot Spots to Consider

  • Github
  • Stack Overflow
  • Quora
  • Reddit

4. Not Networking via Social Media

As a technical person, you know the power of networks and the internet. Social media is one of the few venues where it’s acceptable to show off. Here’s how to get started:

Join LinkedIn

  • Update your profile regularly
  • Add endorsements and recommendations
  • Join groups and participate in conversations

Join Twitter

  • Create a professional Twitter Account
  • Tweet Regularly on your areas of expertise

Create a Personal Website

  • Start a blog on WordPress, Blogger or host it yourself
  • Blog regularly to present yourself as a thought leader
  • Add your resume or portfolio so people know what you can do

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