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Advice for Phone Interviews, as told by Hotline Bling

Magellan knows that a phone interview can be awkward... Via Giphy But if you follow this list (and Drizzy's Dance Moves), you'll be a Pro in No Time! Via Giphy They'll Probably Call You on Your Cell Phone. Make sure it's Fully Charged, and get yourself in the Zone at least 15 minutes before the Interview begins Via Giphy Make sure you are in a Room by Yourself without any Distractions or Outside Noises Via Giphy ...Maybe not that one, but you get the idea.   Stand and smile while you talk! This will help keep your Voice Clear and make You sound [...]

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Interview Tips from Michael Scott

Congratulations! You have an Interview for Your Dream Job! Via Giphy Here are some helpful tips for landing the job from everyone's favorite manager, Michael Scott: Before the Interview, Research the Company. Find EVERYTHING You can about it- the Culture, Customer Ratings, Financial Statements - Until You can Explain them to Everyone Via Giphy Prepare Some Questions (at least 3) Before You Go into the Interview Via Giphy ...Maybe not that one, but you get the idea.   Brush Up on Your Resume and think of Different ways to Sell Yourself! You Should be able to Explain Everything on it, so you don't [...]

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Time to Start Searching for New Opportunities, as Told by Office Space

You Like Your Job Well Enough Via Giphy But You Start Realizing that Your Company has some Issues Via Giphy So You Propose some Innovative, Concrete Ideas for Positive Change Via Gifsoup You Bring them to Your Manager Via Giphy But your manager isn't too interested... Your Co-Workers Just think that You're Complaining Via Giphy But...the TPS Reports? Really?? Via MemeCrunch   And Don't Even Start Talking About the Printer... Via Huffington Post You Realize that it Might be Time to Move on Via Giphy You Decide to Call Magellan and Apply for Some Opportunities Via Giphy And We Promise Neither of these [...]

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Another Philadelphia Business Journal Award Win for Magellan!

Magellan Receives 5th Consecutive Award from Philadelphia Business Journal for Placing Philadelphia’s Top Talent Wayne, PA- April, 2015- For the 5th consecutive year and 6th time in 7 years, Magellan Search and Staffing has won Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2015 Top Executive Recruiters Contingency Search Firm award. Magellan’s 11th place ranking on the 2015 list puts it among the premiere recruiting firms in the Philadelphia area. Previous rankings were 12th in 2009, ninth in both 2011 and 2012, and sixth in 2013 and 2014. In compiling the list, Philadelphia Business Journal ranked contingency search agencies according to the number of clients placed locally, through [...]

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With New Technology Comes New Conversations

The invention of the internet and modern technology opened lines of communication across the world, leading to the proliferation of new ideas and concepts. This also led to the elimination of tasks that were once trivial, yet absolutely necessary. In today’s world, technology has made many past practices obsolete to the point of absurdity, and many industries have been heavily affected by every product update that has been invented with the facilitation of communication and efficiency in mind. One especially surprising change in communication has manifested itself within the accounting and finance fields. With the advent of cloud computing, or SaaS, there is [...]

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Transitioning Jobs? How to Leave Your Accounting Job Professionally

Has the time come for you to leave your job? It’s likely to happen as you grow in your career – generally after anywhere from two to six years in an accounting or finance position, especially during the early stages of your professional life. The class and grace that you display during your resignation will help ensure an easier transition and a smooth future working relationship with your boss and colleagues, as well as keep your hard-earned reputation intact. Work with a Recruiter As you pursue your next opportunity, partner with a recruiter who knows and specializes in the accounting industry. Recruiters are [...]

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Are Your Finance Manager Salaries Competitive Enough to Attract Top Talent?

In order to succeed in today’s competitive business environment, companies worldwide depend on the talent and expertise of their finance managers. The salaries of these mission-critical experts vary by industry, company, location and experience. How can you ensure that the compensation you’re offering candidates will keep you in the lead for attracting top finance talent? Current Pay Scales Industry sources report pay scales for finance managers ranging from a national average of approximately $80,000 to more than $100,000. Philadelphia area compensation fits this national picture. US News & World Report sets the median pay for US finance managers at $109,740, with the lowest [...]

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3 Questions You Will Be Asked At Your Upcoming Accounting Analyst Interview

As you prepare for your accounting analyst interview, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that you’ll likely encounter, so you can handle them with clarity, conciseness and confidence. In other words, what do you need to know to rise above the competition, now that you’ve made it this far? Expect to be faced with behavioral, scenario-based questions requiring you to explain how you reached business decisions and conclusions. They are designed specifically to test your analytical and problem-solving skills. Use the STAR technique. Describe situations, tasks actions and results as you compose your successful responses. You’ll probably be pressed [...]

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Accounting Job Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

Are you looking to advance your accounting career in 2015? If so, feel good about the fact that your industry is on the rise. The accounting field is growing and changing more rapidly than ever before. Recent research confirms the theory that top accounting pros will continue to be in high demand for their cutting edge money management skills.   Top Ten Accounting Jobs Ask the experts and they’ll verify that these jobs will be among the most sought after by employers across the U.S. in 2015: Staff accountant Accounts payable manager Payroll manager Collections specialist Tax accountant Mortgage loan processor Auditing director [...]

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Best Certifications for Launching Your Accounting Career

So, you’ve earned your Bachelor’s degree in accounting and you’re ready to take your career plans to the next level. Do you dive into the workforce now, continue to advance your education, or both? Earning recognized certifications, beginning with designation as a certified public accountant, or CPA, can help you land the job you’ve always wanted and enhance your standing in an increasingly competitive marketplace. When you’re job hunting, hiring managers see the time and effort you’ve invested in earning certifications as a testament to your commitment to succeed in your chosen profession. It can serve to increase your salary requirements, as well [...]

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