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Transitioning Jobs? How to Leave Your Accounting Job Professionally

Has the time come for you to leave your job? It’s likely to happen as you grow in your career – generally after anywhere from two to six years in an accounting or finance position, especially during the early stages of your professional life. The class and grace that you display during your resignation will help ensure an easier transition and a smooth future working relationship with your boss and colleagues, as well as keep your hard-earned reputation intact. Work with a Recruiter As you pursue your next opportunity, partner with a recruiter who knows and specializes in the accounting industry. Recruiters are [...]

Transitioning Jobs? How to Leave Your Accounting Job Professionally2015-01-05T16:37:34-06:00

3 Questions You Will Be Asked At Your Upcoming Accounting Analyst Interview

As you prepare for your accounting analyst interview, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that you’ll likely encounter, so you can handle them with clarity, conciseness and confidence. In other words, what do you need to know to rise above the competition, now that you’ve made it this far? Expect to be faced with behavioral, scenario-based questions requiring you to explain how you reached business decisions and conclusions. They are designed specifically to test your analytical and problem-solving skills. Use the STAR technique. Describe situations, tasks actions and results as you compose your successful responses. You’ll probably be pressed [...]

3 Questions You Will Be Asked At Your Upcoming Accounting Analyst Interview2014-12-03T15:55:45-06:00

Best Certifications for Launching Your Accounting Career

So, you’ve earned your Bachelor’s degree in accounting and you’re ready to take your career plans to the next level. Do you dive into the workforce now, continue to advance your education, or both? Earning recognized certifications, beginning with designation as a certified public accountant, or CPA, can help you land the job you’ve always wanted and enhance your standing in an increasingly competitive marketplace. When you’re job hunting, hiring managers see the time and effort you’ve invested in earning certifications as a testament to your commitment to succeed in your chosen profession. It can serve to increase your salary requirements, as well [...]

Best Certifications for Launching Your Accounting Career2014-09-24T15:51:02-05:00
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