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Set the Standards High for Honesty and Accuracy for your Administrative Team

The levels of honesty and accuracy associated with an organization and its team impacts its very livelihood, as well as that of its employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders. What can you do to help ensure the highest possible standards in both these key areas?   Trust: The Basis of Honesty To set high standards of honesty, build relationships with your administrative team members based on trust and integrity. No matter how talented people are, they will not realize their full potential without trust being present. Lead by example. Hold yourself to high moral and ethical standards. This gives employees a solid [...]

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4 Secrets For Establishing Leadership in the Workplace

Management and leadership go hand in hand. Both are important and both are necessary, but they aren’t the same thing. When Warren Bennis wrote the business best-seller "On Becoming a Leader," he drew some distinctions between the two. Managers administer. Leaders innovate. A manager is a copy. A leader is an original. Managers accept the status quo. Leaders change it. Managers rely on control. Leaders inspire trust. Managers have their eye on the bottom line. Leaders have their eye on the horizon. In today’s workplace, management and leadership are not easily separated. People look to their managers not just to assign them tasks, [...]

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4 Ways to Hire for Administrative Potential

When hiring an administrative assistant, how do you find that top-level professional with the necessary aptitude, determination and savvy to help maximize your business? In essence, the key is to stop thinking “executive assistant” and start thinking “assistant executive.” Then, paint your perfect candidate picture. June Martino started out as Ray Kroc’s bookkeeper. She later took on the roles of corporate secretary, then treasurer and then director. Finally, she became part owner of McDonald’s Corp. Are you starting to get that picture now?   Build an Accurate Job Description Your job description for an executive assistant should be so detailed that if someone [...]

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Philadelphia’s Fastest-Growing Staffing & Recruiting Firm is NOW HIRING!

A NEW YEAR; A NEW CAREER   Start 2014 by joining Magellan Search & Staffing Are you are looking for an energized, dynamic, fast-paced company that makes a serious commitment to your success? Take a look at Magellan. We invest in the latest sales and recruiting technology. We offer extensive training for all of our employees. We provide comprehensive marketing support.   We have been recognized as: Future 50 award, SmartCEO, 2014 The Best of Staffing for both Clients and Talent, 2013 The Best Places to Work, Philadelphia Business Journal Inc. 5000, 2012 & 2013 Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) Fastest Growing Staffing Firms [...]

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5 Steps for Onboarding Administrative Staff

together. Inevitably, there will be turnover and when that occurs, it’s critical to have a robust onboarding process in place. Stay in Constant Communication Be sure your new employee feels comfortable communicating with their manager and team members. Create an environment where asking questions is encouraged and dialogue is the norm. Encourage the new hire to note any ideas they have for improving operations, strategy or organizational culture. Provide regular feedback versus waiting for the pre-scheduled review at the end of a new hire’s probationary period. This enables you to offer constructive criticism and positive reinforcement in real time. Set Clear Goals Adapt [...]

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