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4 Ways to Optimize Your Financial Analyst Job Listing

Job postings on your Careers page and online boards are a highly effective way to reach potential candidates while providing valuable insights on your positions, organizational culture and employment brand. These listings build links and drive targeted job seeker traffic to your openings. Search engine optimization enables you to extend the life of your postings, enhance your company’s page ranking and reach very specific online audiences. Used strategically, SEO can lower your cost per hire and help you reach top talent ahead of your competition. What steps can you take to set your postings apart from the others?   Use Keywords More than [...]

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CPA to Philadelphia CFO: How to Make It

To become a CFO, you need more than just your CPA credentials and experience as a Controller or in a similar role – although these are some of the building blocks on the way to the top. According to a recent analysis of the career patterns of Fortune 100 CFOs, you’re more likely to get there if you have extensive experience within your own organization, versus moving in as an heir apparent. In the study by Russell Reynolds Associates, 69 percent of F100 CFOs were promoted, internally, into their positions. Of the remaining 31 percent, nearly three-quarters previously held CFO roles at other [...]

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Qualifications to Look For in Your Financial Team

Hiring the right financial team is essential to meeting your short and long-term business goals. As your team manages the bottom line, it’s critical that you source, select and staff top-level talent that can literally be trusted with your future. The makeup of your financial team will vary depending on the size and nature of your organization. But here’s a snapshot of key positions and their qualifications.   Chief Financial Officer Your CFO works hand-in-hand with your CEO to lead the company in meeting its ongoing business objectives. A great CFO is a natural strategic thinker and an integral part of creating a [...]

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Top Financial Salaries in Philadelphia

Is your career path taking you to the Philadelphia metropolitan area? Philly is a great place to live and work – a short hop from New York City and Washington D.C. and a hotbed of history, culture, sports and entertainment. And, myriad opportunities exist if you want to make the City of Brotherly Love the site of your next professional opportunity. Here’s a look at some of the most promising financial positions in Philadelphia. Salaries are based on median figures and vary from company to company. Job descriptions are likewise general, but provide an idea of the scope of pertinent job responsibilities.   [...]

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