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The Importance of Performance Reviews to Millennials

Performance reviews are great opportunities for entry-level and younger employees as they formulate effective career path plans for the short and long-term. The workplace equivalent of a report card, these appraisals benefit managers as well, by assisting both parties in bringing out their respective best. The following performance aspects can be accurately assessed using an effective review process:   Training If an employee is struggling with tasks or lagging behind quotas, the issue could be a lack of quality training, which can be identified during a performance appraisal. As noted by HR expert and author Donald Kirkpatrick, “A supervisor’s role in evaluation is [...]

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Make Improvements to Your Workplace in 2014

As you plan for success in the New Year, consider this: Numerous studies have shown the things workers want most – and which correlate with improved energy, morale and productivity – are interesting work, appreciation for what they do, a feeling of involvement and “being in the loop.” Here are five tips for improving your workplace in 2014:   Respect People Foster a culture that’s inclusive, caring, creative and mindful of others. Facilitate work/life balance. Baxter Labs recently asked employees worldwide, what the company could do to make things better for them. The resounding response was that workers wanted to be “respected as [...]

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4 Ways To Create Winning Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are an employee’s first exposure to an organization. So, it’s critical to promote values and expectations that accurately reflect an organization’s ideals and mission to entice the right candidates.  Still, many firms tend to fall victim to the same descriptive pitfalls over and over again. Streamlining your recruitment will help you attract the employees you desire, but also will empower your workforce to attain the goals of your company. Here’s what to look out for.   Title Your Positions for Exposure The obvious first step, but it’s never as simple as it sounds. Many businesses are following a vogue trend for [...]

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Questions To Ask Your Staffing Partner Before Committing

Choosing the right staffing partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an HR leader. Sure, your in-house team may be top notch, but everyone’s plate is beyond full - and if you elect to partner with a recruitment firm, it needs to be the right one: the one whose values, approach and industry understanding complement that of your own organization. In other words, as a core member of your strategic business team, your staffing partner should be able to show up tomorrow morning, meet your staff and hit the ground running.   How Can You Tell? There are myriad [...]

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