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Renewable Energy Shows Growth in 2014

A single Verizon business site saved more than $8,000 in one year by increasing its use of renewable energy. The number of remote stations going “off the grid” is predicted to rise from 13,000 in 2012 to 84,000 in 2020, as hybrid power usage equates to smart budgeting as well as environmental conservation. The flexibility provided by hybrid energy sources is a major plus, especially in remote regions. In addition, renewable energy is a tremendous advantage in the event of a traditional power outage. Flexibility makes sense. Using only one energy source may not provide enough power when compared with more flexible hybrid [...]

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Make Improvements to Your Workplace in 2014

As you plan for success in the New Year, consider this: Numerous studies have shown the things workers want most – and which correlate with improved energy, morale and productivity – are interesting work, appreciation for what they do, a feeling of involvement and “being in the loop.” Here are five tips for improving your workplace in 2014:   Respect People Foster a culture that’s inclusive, caring, creative and mindful of others. Facilitate work/life balance. Baxter Labs recently asked employees worldwide, what the company could do to make things better for them. The resounding response was that workers wanted to be “respected as [...]

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Recruit Successfully Year-Round by Tapping Into the Digital Pipeline

We live in a digital culture where speed, multi-tasking, and multifaceted technologic devices are the norm. A good recruiter ought to build a recruitment strategy that reflects this. How? In “recruiter’s terms” experts talk about a talent pipeline, or a set of candidates who an organization has already screened as qualified, but who are also waiting for an open position.   This type of recruitment philosophy is gaining momentum in today’s job market. Many organizations are engaging potential candidates on a variety of platforms in an attempt to set up talent pipelines. The key to this strategy is a movement away from what [...]

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