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How to Retain Top IT Performers

Now that the global recession has eased, it’s no secret that top-performing employees, particularly in areas like engineering and IT, are in prime demand. The tide has turned and for A-level talent, it’s become a candidate’s market once again. At the same time, there’s a disconnect between how happy company leaders think their IT employees are and the actual levels of satisfaction reported by these employees. While nearly 75 percent of CIOs in a recent survey rated their workers’ job satisfaction levels as high, more than a third of IT employees said they planned to look for another job within the next year. [...]

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Questions To Ask Your Staffing Partner Before Committing

Choosing the right staffing partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an HR leader. Sure, your in-house team may be top notch, but everyone’s plate is beyond full - and if you elect to partner with a recruitment firm, it needs to be the right one: the one whose values, approach and industry understanding complement that of your own organization. In other words, as a core member of your strategic business team, your staffing partner should be able to show up tomorrow morning, meet your staff and hit the ground running.   How Can You Tell? There are myriad [...]

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Recruit Successfully Year-Round by Tapping Into the Digital Pipeline

We live in a digital culture where speed, multi-tasking, and multifaceted technologic devices are the norm. A good recruiter ought to build a recruitment strategy that reflects this. How? In “recruiter’s terms” experts talk about a talent pipeline, or a set of candidates who an organization has already screened as qualified, but who are also waiting for an open position.   This type of recruitment philosophy is gaining momentum in today’s job market. Many organizations are engaging potential candidates on a variety of platforms in an attempt to set up talent pipelines. The key to this strategy is a movement away from what [...]

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