Since the global economy has rebounded, an increasing array of IT jobs have opened up and the requirements for landing them are as vast and varied as ever. If you’re seeking your next tech career move, what skills do you need to stand out from the competition?

In a recent survey, hiring managers shared the top IT skills currently being sought by leading employers:

Mobile Development

Up to 60 percent of consumers’ total digital media time is spent on smartphones or tablets and this number is expected to continue its upward trend. Businesses need skilled mobile development professionals so they stay current and ready to move forward with these platforms.

Mobile Security

Demand is strong for certified information systems security pros, especially those who specialize or are certified in app development.

  • Enterprises have learned how to secure their networks, but need assistance when it comes to protecting their mobile apps. They need to come up to speed quickly in order to avoid potential costly risks.

User Experience Design

This includes work with HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Adobe CreativeSuite. The ability to understand how users interact with technology and how to implement these interfaces is incredibly valuable, especially in fields where the transition to digital programs and online systems is accelerating.

Big Data Analytics

IT job seekers need to understand and assess how businesses can harness Big Data to shape their competitive strategy. Employers want candidates who can capture real value through data analytics and manage enterprise risks.

Social Media Experience

It’s not enough to simply list “social media” on the skills section of your resume. Outline the specific platforms with which you have strong working knowledge, as well as any systems you’ve used to manage them. Examples include TweetDeck and HootSuite. This is especially critical if you’re targeting tech positions in marketing or mobile product development.


Even if “developer” is not part of the job title, it has become increasingly important for IT pros to know their way around a website’s code.

  • If you’re starting from scratch, sites like offer free online courses to build your basic knowledge.
  • Experts recommend learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP as starting points.

Agile Methodology

In this alternative to traditional software development methods, projects are broken down into smaller, more manageable parts. More and more organizations are embracing Agile for project management purposes.

Experience with Emerging Technologies

Specific skills in HTML, Drupal, Java, Ruby on Rails, SEO, SEM and ORM continue to be in hot demand. But as these technologies become more common, employers want candidates whose skills go beyond what most others know. As noted by one hiring manager, they’re looking for employees who have experience with technologies that they themselves are “only vaguely familiar with or have never heard of.”

The tech landscape is constantly changing – and companies need an IT team that stays ahead of the curve.

SQL (Structured Query Language)

SQL capabilities are coveted by employers because they enable the ability to work with nearly all databases. Companies that gather vast amounts of data need people who can use SQL to quickly extract its components and generate reports to aid in decision making.

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