An increasing number of companies are using temporary employees to fill full-time positions. Working as a temp gives you the opportunity to be on the inside, which can ultimately be an advantage over external candidates when applying for permanent jobs.

Now is a great time to make this transition, as the economy is on the upswing and employers are more ready, willing and able to hire than they may have been in recent years. The McKinsey Global Institute recently reported that 5 percent of companies expect to hire more part-time, temporary or contract workers over the next five years.

The key to making it happen? Perform excellently, build relationships, and fit in with an organization and its culture.

Be the Person They Can’t Live Without

Embrace every opportunity to make a positive impact, so you make the decision to hire you an easy one.  Become the “go to” person that the company can rely on to get things done and help others achieve their goals at the same time.

  • Demonstrate incremental value. Exceed established goals and metrics and form strong relationships with key decision makers. Be a leader and continually ask for more responsibility. For instance, you may have a specialized skill that would enhance a specific project, even if it’s outside your assigned realm.
  • Show measurable results. When review time rolls around, you’ll have a bank of evidence that illustrates why you’re an invaluable asset.

Act like a Full-Timer

Let your manager know you’re interested in staying on permanently but more importantly, show them how serious you are.

  • Anticipate your employer’s needs and proactively offer assistance. Because you’ve probably done similar work elsewhere, you may see new ways to improve company processes or systems. Share them with your supervisor. This shows initiative and will help justify a full-time hire.
  • Use your full skillset. This includes soft skills as well as hard skills, especially if you’re filling a technical role. Showcase your strengths in communication and teamwork, along with your flexibility, motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Be 100 percent reliable. Show up on time, stay late if needed and consistently deliver quality, on-time results. Become known as a key contributor who firmly believes in the company and its vision.

Line Up Supporters

Build and leverage relationships across the organization. If you see a full-time position posted, you want to have your supporters lined up and ready to go to bat for you.

  • Learn all you can about the business, different departments, and the variety of critical roles within them. Ask people to join you for coffee so you can learn what they do. Eat lunch with different people, and consider joining after-work activities like bowling or softball leagues. Show that you’re genuinely interested in being part of the team for the long run.
  • Get to know your coworkers. They have the greatest potential to spread the word about “the great temp down the hall” and help you get hired. They also can be great information sources when it comes to possible upcoming openings.

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