From 2009 to 2012, the number of Americans working in temporary help services rose by nearly 30 percent – three times that of all private job sectors. This rate continues to rise as companies realize the benefits of a temporary workforce. These pluses include increased flexibility as employers gauge the economic recovery and acclimate to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act and other legislation.

Temporary work is a great solution for employees, as well. As a temporary worker:

  • You can achieve balance in your life. Control your schedule as you juggle work with other interests and concerns such as child care or school.
  • You may be hired full time. According to the American Staffing Association, 18 percent of temporary jobs annually convert to full time.
  • You stay active and relevant in the working world. Temporary employment offers opportunities to sharpen your professional skills, make invaluable contacts, and keep abreast of business news and developments.

How to be the Best Temp Worker

The best way to succeed as a temporary employee is not to think of yourself as one. No one should be able to distinguish from the quality of your work or your overall fit on a team that you’re a temp. This is, in fact, your chance to shine and demonstrate the unique value you add to a company. The end result – if you want it to be – may be a seamless transition into a permanent opportunity.

Go above and beyond.

If you’ve finished the day’s assignment, ask what else you can do to help. Arrive on time every day and don’t rush out the door at the end of your shift. Exceed expectations and show an outstanding work ethic. Forty-six percent of employers in a recent survey said they like hiring temps who ask for more projects, and 44 percent said temporary workers who offer ideas have a greater chance of becoming permanent employees.

Be nice.

Temporary work often offers excellent networking opportunities – so reach out in a friendly and professional manner. People who like and respect you are better able to advocate for you.

Sharpen your communication skills.

The ability to communicate effectively is a prerequisite to success in any job, including temporary work. You’ll need to regularly dialogue with your staffing firm with updates on work progress, your availability and related matters. In addition, you’ll communicate regularly with your temporary employer, often through specific channels and media in the course of your work. And you must be able to ask for help when needed and provide additional assistance when asked.

Provide good customer service.

This applies to internal as well as external customers. Nearly 60 percent of employers surveyed said that a good way to differentiate yourself from other workers was to offer customers help, even before they ask for it.

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