Easy Ways to Reduce Stress & Maintain

A Healthy Balance During the Hustle & Bustle of the Holidays


Pucker up! We are under the mistletoe that is the holiday season. Year after year, Thanksgiving comes and goes in a flash, and before you know it, you’re left scrambling for last minute gifts for your family and friends. Overall, most people would agree that the holiday season is great – people seem happier, tasty treats are always in abundance, and we typically get to enjoy some time off with our loved ones. But, with the hustle and bustle of holiday parties and gift shopping, how can we maintain a healthy balance in our lives this holiday season?


Ditch the idea of last-minute shopping!

We all know procrastinating is never good practice. When it comes to finding gifts for your loved ones, don’t wait until the absolute last minute. Plan out the presents you’ll give with lists. Decide where and when you will buy your gifts. Are you going to order them online? Will you go to the store during your lunch break? Write it down and stick to your plan! Don’t forget to schedule out some time to wrap those gifts, too.

Plan out your work weeks & days in the office.

Time will slip by you quicker than ever during the holiday season. People are in and out of the office more frequently and you’re multi-tasking a lot. Make sure you are prioritizing your work days and making the most out of them. Capitalizing on your time spent in the office is an important factor in ending the year on a great note.

Don’t completely abandon healthy eating habits.

During the holidays, there are almost always delicious treats in the office. Holiday lunches and fresh baked goods are awesome – in moderation. Sure, go ahead and eat that sugar cookie! You deserve it. But when January rolls around, you may regret if you ate every treat that came your way.

Schedule time to work out.

You’ll definitely be running errands more often during the holiday season. Get to the gym or a spin class before work if you can. If not, make sure you’re still staying active when you can. Take the stairs. Walk to the store. Take the kids or a friend to go ice skating. There’s always a way to fit exercise into your schedule! It will help keep your mind clear and your body feeling energized.

Set an “end of the year” goal.

Make it challenging, yet achievable and fun! If you meet that goal, treat yourself in the New Year. It will give you something to work for and look forward to when the holidays are finally over.

Give back.

Get in the holiday spirit by helping others and giving back in any way that you can. Whether you make a monetary donation or volunteer your time, any contribution toward helping others can make a difference!

Relax and have fun!

Take time to read a book or cuddle up and watch that holiday movie you’ve been longing to see. Even though the holidays are about giving back and making memories with friends and family – you can’t forget to give back to yourself!


Maintaining a healthy balance during the holiday season can be so much easier when you stay organized, focused and healthy. Don’t procrastinate. Stay on top of those to-do lists. Stay active and enjoy holiday confections in moderation. Write down your end of year goals and you will meet them. Be kind and give back whenever possible. Have a blast with your loved ones and take some time for yourself! On behalf of the Magellan family, we hope you have an amazing holiday season and end your year with a bang!




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