Getting Over Those “Post-Holiday Blues”

by Krista Allysse Cipollone • January 2nd, 2019


Your alarm goes off, it’s January 2nd. Anxiety starts to kick in as you drag yourself out of bed to get ready for the first day back at work after the holidays. Even if you didn’t take extra time off during the holiday season, it’s always tough to get back to on track when many co-workers and executives have been out of the office. Now you’re probably swamped with work and have nothing to look forward – all a part of the dreaded comedown from the holiday high.

So, how can you exchange those somber vibes for some positive and productive energy to start the New Year off with a bang?


Create a Game Plan!

When you get back into work, prioritize your to-do list and get yourself organized. Figuring out when and how your tasks are going to get done will make your workload seem less overwhelming. Once you’ve got a plan, get down to business!


Re-Vamp Your Work Space

Create a work space that you love! Re-organize your office. Get yourself something new like a lively desk plant, fun calendar or sleek goal board. Start listening to music while you work. There are many ways to re-vamp your work space but doing something fresh and new will make it easier to get back into the swing of things!


Plan Something You’ll Look Forward to Doing!

Whether it’s a vacation or a fun weekend adventure, plan something that you’re excited about. Most people look forward to the holiday season and feel bummed when it’s over. It’s hard to feel sad when you have something to count down to in the upcoming weeks or months!


Start A New Hobby

One of the reasons that people get burnt out from working is because their routine becomes mundane. You go to work, go home, eat dinner, and repeat until it’s the weekend. Switch up that routine as much as possible. Learn to play an instrument, get yourself to a cycling or kickboxing class, schedule a date night once a week – the possibilities are endless. Changing up your routine will keep life exciting and force you to learn new things!


Create New Goals, but Don’t Kill Yourself Trying to Achieve Them

Maybe you want to lose weight, quit smoking or start working out this New Year. Goals like these are always great to work toward, but don’t stress if you slip up. Meet your goals one step at a time. If you go from 0 to 100 at the start of the New Year, you’re probably going to be miserable within a few weeks. Make smaller goals to meet your overall goal, and if you slip up – don’t sweat it. Pick up where you left off. It’s important to treat yourself to a “day off” here and there!



You might be swamped with work, but always take breaks throughout your day. Go for a quick walk or eat lunch in a new spot. Find a moment to clear your head and breathe. Schedule time every night for yourself to unwind. Life can be crazy but taking care of your mental and physical health is key to maintaining a position mindset and avoid burning out!





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