If you want to expand your career opportunities by garnering a broad base of business and industry experience, skills and contacts, working as a temporary consultant is an excellent option. It works well for those who are still defining their permanent career paths, as well as for individuals seeking optimal scheduling flexibility.

The benefits include:

Skills Development

Different companies have different systems and operations, even if they’re within the same industry. By spending time temping, you experience new environments and master new skills. This enriches your resume. At the same time, you typically earn a wage comparable to or higher than what you’d make as a full-time employee.


An employer may not have a permanent job opening – or you may not want one at this juncture in your career – but as a temp, you’ll foster personal and professional contacts that could prove invaluable in the future. In addition, you can leave a position with a list of solid references.

  • You’ll meet both respected veterans and up-and-coming talent in your field.
  • Your agency will keep a tab on the most recent hiring managers and trends and share these resources with you.


As a temporary consultant, you have the luxury of molding your job and work hours around your personal life. More than 30 percent of U.S. workers today are temporary. For them, their “non-standard” job arrangements are the perfect stepping stone to the next phase of their lives.

They include mid-level career employees who have been outplaced, recent college grads, students, retirees, parents and caregivers, and persons whose priority is simply to control their own time.

Transition to a Permanent Job

Working as a temp demonstrates your ability to be flexible, creative and open-minded in moving from one assignment to another. This is a highly valued asset among employers. If you reach the point where it’s time to transition into a permanent position, temping has a two-pronged benefit:

  • You can “try out” a prospective employer, workplace and corporate culture before making a permanent commitment.
  • By positioning yourself well as a temp, you prove your immediate value to a company. This places you high on the candidate selection list when a permanent job opens.

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