Looking for a rewarding career as a Benefits Administrator in Philadelphia? Here we will give you an idea of what it’s like to work as a day in the life of what is becoming one of the most important aspects of business today – the person in charge of company health benefits management.

What a Benefits Administrator Does at Work

In any given work day, a benefits administrator has a variety of tasks which are often based on the demands of the company and any wellness campaigns occurring. No two days are ever the same for a benefits administrator in Philadelphia. One moment, he or she may be calling to obtain information about pending insurance claims or premiums; the next the administrator may be presenting a new plan design to the Board of Directors.

Benefits administrators are the go-to person for employees to get help with enrolling in health care coverage, and they are the people who negotiate with plan carriers for annual premium discounts and perks. Oftentimes, benefits administrators are also tasked with managing other areas of compensation and work closely with payroll personnel to accomplish this.

The Career Outlook for Benefits Administrators

Since the Affordable Care Act was launched in 2010, many benefit administrators have taken a seat next to the leadership of the companies they work for. Instead of being merely HR generalists, they have become specialists of health and wellness topics. Obviously, the more knowledgeable a benefits administrator is, the more valuable he or she will become in the job market.

According to the US Department of Labor, the career outlook for benefits administrators is expected to be around 3% of the national growth in careers of this type, adding 600 new jobs in the next ten years. Salary.com advises that benefit administrators in the Philadelphia area can expect to earn on average $45,745 per year, with the most experienced earning around $57,651, based on most recent data.

Finding a Benefits Administrator Job in Philadelphia PA

Gaining entry into a career as a benefits administrator in the Philadelphia, PA area starts with obtaining the education and experience necessary to be successful in this challenging role. Candidates should have earned at least a 4-year college degree in a Business Administration program with a focus on Human Resources and Health Care. Additionally, it is helpful to have some on-the-job experience working in a business or hospital setting where one can earn knowledge about health insurance benefits.

Getting a job in the Philadelphia, PA area as a benefits administrator can be as simple as getting registered with a quality staffing agency that places HR and related career types into temporary and contract assignments. Due to the specific knowledge and skills that benefit administrators have, companies often look to staffing agencies like Magellan Search and Staffing, to place quality candidates into key roles. If you are looking for benefits administrator employment in Philadelphia, contact our team today.