Getting ready to interview an administrative assistant for your business? Then you must have some great interview questions prepared in advance to select the right person for the job.

Hiring an administrative professional can be a tough decision for a number of factors. The administrative assistant is often the first person your clients will encounter, so the individual has to be a polished professional who will fit well with your company culture. The admin assistant also has to have a work style that fits well with the person they will be reporting too, otherwise this can go wrong. Lastly, the person that you choose to work for your company has to have above average work ethics due to the sensitivity of information being handled.

Choosing the best administrative assistant for your company starts with an in-depth series of interview questions that reach below the surface of the candidate’s resume. Here are 8 interview questions for an administrative assistant that will help you select the best candidate.

#1 – Why do you want to work here – for this company?

In order for there to be a good fit between the administrative candidate and the needs of the company, you need to know why the candidate wants to work for you in the first place. Is it to gain industry experience, to rise in the corporate chain or merely because the person wants a new job? Find out more and choose someone with a genuine interest in your company growth.

#2 – What is it about administrative assistant work that appeals to you?

It’s very important to understand the motivating factors that lead someone to want to work as an administrative professional in Philadelphia. This role is not for the faint of heart. It can be challenging, frustrating and downright degrading at times. Therefore, let the candidate know that you need someone up for the challenge by asking this question.

#3 – Can you give me an example (or two) of a time when you dealt with a difficult person?

Handling difficult people is par for the course in an administrative assistant role. When interviewing for the right person, it’s critical to find someone who knows how to handle demanding people and situations with professionalism.

#4 – How would you describe your work style?

In most cases, an administrative assistant in Philadelphia must be able to seamlessly work with a variety of other people and conform to their work styles and personalities. Choose the best administrative pro to work with your management team based on complimentary personalities and work styles.

#5 – How do you organize a large project?

Oftentimes, administrative assistants in Philly need to be able to work on big projects for their superior. It’s critical that a candidate is able to break projects down into smaller tasks, with a good way to manage time and resources.

#6 – Tell me about your average workday – how do you prioritize things?

Being able to prioritize responsibilities on the job is part of being an effective administrative assistant. This interview question can help to learn more about the candidate’s ability to handle tasks, switch gears as importance levels change, and stay on top of it all.

#7 – Are you comfortable delegating to others?

In higher levels of administrative assistance or when there is a project underway, a candidate will need to reach out to others for help. It’s never a good idea to hire someone who doesn’t understand how to delegate tasks or ask for assistance themselves because this could be someone who will quickly burn out on the job.

#8 – How do you show initiative on the job?

Getting a high rate of return is the goal of hiring an administrative assistant in Philadelphia. Look for a candidate who is a creative thinker and likes to come up with new and better ways of doing things. Someone who takes charge of himself and is comfortable with demonstrating initiative is a sign of a true professional.

If you find that it is difficult or impossible to find the right administrate assistant for your business in Philadelphia, perhaps having access to pre-screened admin. candidates from Magellan Search and Staffing is something that will give you better results. If you are looking for administrative assistant employment in Philadelphia, contact us today.