Staying competitive in today’s market means having access to a well-trained information technology (IT) team to securely handle a company’s most precious asset: information. Yet, it can be frustrating trying to find IT staff who have the right training and skills to get the job done. This is especially true when there is a large project underway that requires specialized IT skills and labor.

If you have found yourself facing shortages in IT staff, perhaps the idea of hiring at least a portion of remote IT workers is on your radar? This can be a reasonable and very productive way to remain on top of things. However, there may be concerns about how to set them up with the tools and resources they need to produce quality work for your company. Here are some pointers for getting this right.

Create a Central Project Management System

While your remote IT workforce may be around the globe, your setup should be focused on unity. Choose the best cloud-based project management system that allows all IT workers to collaborate and share online. Use this as the central dashboard for all projects and communication efforts so you can see at a moment’s notice what is going on in terms of productivity and team work.

Encourage Regular Communication

As mentioned in the previous section, a central project management system can be a good place to start the communication efforts of your remote IT workers. However, it doesn’t stop here. Have a weekly meeting with each of your core IT work teams, based on active projects, and open up the table for talking. Demonstrate mutual respect for all team members, both internal and remote. Use email, telephone and webinar format meetings to keep all remote workers connected to the company objectives.

Add Education to the Mix

Another way to set your remote IT workers up for success is to assist them with corporate sponsored educational initiatives. Offer access to virtual classes that they can take from wherever they happen to reside. When a new project is about to roll out, provide live training with your in-house and remote team in attendance. Give remote IT staffers the chance to take advanced educational classes through online university and industry certification programs as well. Making sure that all IT remote staff are on the same page as your internal IT teams is vital to the growth of your company.

Give Them Work Life Balance

Setting your remote IT workers up for success also requires giving them work life balance. At the end of the day, a regular IT worker goes home to be with his or her family. However, oftentimes remote workers get caught in the trap of working too many hours and not having time away for relaxation and stress release. Provide education for remote IT workers to have a flexible schedule and work less hours so they can be more productive.

Offer Above-Average Compensation

Lastly, your remote IT workforce needs to be earning a good living because of the additional expenses they may have with a home office. Make sure you are offering above average industry rates to recruit and retain the best remote IT workers for your company. In this way, your business will experience the benefits of having a well-managed IT team that can produce favorable results that lead to bigger and better projects.

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