Think about it: When interviewing a job candidate, your plan is not to hire simply another run-of-the-mill employee. The goal is to enhance your team by finding a strong contributor who adds creativity, innovation, motivation and ultimately, value.

So, why would you limit the potential value of the interview itself by using only standard, ho-hum questions?

Sure, you need to know basic facts about a person’s history and experience, but much of that can be gleaned from their resume and personal references. Use the interview as the unique opportunity it is – and really get to know a candidate and whether or not they’ll be a successful organizational fit. To do this, shake up the norm a bit and throw some curveball questions. The results could prove highly worthwhile as you identify your next superstar.

“Tell me about yourself.”

This is a great question to get the ball rolling. Look for confident, coherent answers that highlight a candidate’s experience and personality relevant to the job.

Once you’ve established a conversational comfort level, move on to questions such as:

“Why do you want to work here?”

The response to this query can provide an early look into whether a candidate is a good fit for company culture – and what their drivers are. Is it only about the money, or does their passion match the position?

And speaking of passion, ask your candidate:

“What are you most interested in? What do you want people to remember you for?”

This may catch a person off guard at first, which is not a bad thing. It will help you better understand their purpose in life and determine if it aligns with your company’s purpose.

“Tell me about the first experience in your life when you realized you had the power to make a difference.”

This question is open-ended and a candidate’s response should indicate that they are self-empowered and motivated to affect change.

 “What would you like to ask us?”

Some of your strongest insight into a candidate may come at the end of an interview, when some of the formality has fallen away and it feels more like a conversation. The best candidates will have thoughtful questions for you. This indicates their genuine interest in the job.

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