Job seekers are relying more heavily on mobile devices to interact with contacts, leads and potential employers. In fact, 77 percent of candidates use mobile apps to facilitate their job search process.

Here’s a look at three top apps to add to your career search arsenal.

Business Card Reader

If you believe networking is the key to landing your next job, this app is for you. Business Card Reader Pro has the ability to scan business cards and import contact information instantly. The app is able to accurately recognize business cards and uses smart field filling to import contact information into your iOS contacts.

Once the contacts are imported, Business Card Reader allows users to search and sort contacts within the app. The user is then able to contact people directly by email or phone.

Business Card Reader also integrates with LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Evernote. The app is able to integrate with other existing CRM systems.

You can download Business Card Reader in the iTunes store for $7.49.

Resume Builder Pro

Located in the Google Play store, Resume Builder Pro allows you to create a resume in a Microsoft Word document format. The DOCX file is then emailed to the user for their convenience. If the user is looking to apply for jobs through their phone, Resume Builder Pro allows job seekers to do just that. The user is able to download the resume to their device and send it directly to employers.

Many resume builder applications provide the user a PDF of the resume, but the user cannot edit this format. With a DOCX file, the user can edit the resume on desktop, tablet, or mobile phone and can apply a Microsoft Word template. This is a benefit many applications cannot offer.

You can download Resume Builder Pro in the Google Play store for $4.99

Job Interview Question-Answer

Nervous for your next interview? Job Interview Q & A is an interactive video application that allows users to practice interview questions. The application offers a mock interview format and enables the user to record their answer and critique it.

The application also provides a career coach that will show you how to answer the tough questions. This allows the user to see how to structure a strong and positive response.

If you are looking to practice your next interview, this application can be found in iTunes and Google Play stores.


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