How to create a better quality of life for your staff that boosts results.

Given how busy your employees already are, is it possible to get even better results from them? Absolutely! And it all starts with you. Here are some simple ways you can make your employees happier on the job, and increase your own bottom line as a result.

It’s About the Environment

Ever work in an office with limited natural light, depressing color schemes or excessive noise? How long did you stay? Audit your environment and look for ways to make the workspace feel less like a workplace. Vibrant paint, full-spectrum lights and colorful live plants can do wonders for employees’ mental well-being and tenure.

Add Some Spice 

Even the sexiest jobs get routine after a few years doing them. Consider allowing interested staff to cross-train and occasionally contribute in related or collaborative disciplines. It will foster a new work challenge and brings “fresh eyes and ears” to help improve processes and increase profits.

Flexibility Rules

Nothing is perhaps more important to employees these days than flexible hours and scheduling. Some jobs do not work with this system. But many are based on three outcomes: Did the work get done on time, on budget and in a quality fashion? If yes, a little flexibility goes a long way.

Lead the Leaders

You have managers who are excellent at achieving results. Some are great at managing others. Some are just plain awful at it. Make sure all managers are on the same page and understand what your company stands for. The best financial results are meaningless if the people who achieved them pack up and walk to your competitor.

Promotion in Motion

When a job opportunity comes about, are you communicating it to your staff first? Or do they find out about it on Facebook? Your hiring should start at home. Does Sally in the Accounting office have the creativity to become a prospect researcher or sales manager? She might. Identify internal talent and go after it with an invitation to apply.

And the Award Goes To…

Could you care less about awards? Don’t assume that everyone else feels the same way. Sometimes a physical reminder of an employer’s appreciation is the difference between a project being profitable or unsavory delays.

Offer a Needed Assist

Take a careful look at your employees’ goals and what they are actually spending their time on. Do they match up? Or are people sidetracked by less important projects? Consider boosting productivity and relieving burnout by offloading/outsourcing repetitive or time-consuming tasks. You’ll finally get it all done, but at a fraction of the hourly rate.

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