The world has quickly gone mobile. Based on data from Ericsson, mobile subscriptions in 2013 reached five billion users; a number they predict will reach 50 billion by 2020. Any job recruiter who ignores this phenomenon is missing out on a massive recruitment base with a large, interconnected network already in place.

Here are some low-cost tips to strengthen your mobile recruiting.

  1. Make your website mobile friendly: Have you seen a website not optimized for mobile users? The text is unbelievably small and it is difficult to navigate on your screen. Make sure your website and job board are mobile friendly. They need to have an easy navigation that allows  Mobile recruitment is an opportunity for your organization to adapt a one-to-one approach to finding talent online without sacrificing the ability to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of potential candidates.
  2. Messaging: Mobile recruitment through messaging often employs the “push and pull” method, identified by Michael Marlatt, a sourcing consultant for Microsoft. The technique helps to attract new users and distribute information among existing customers. For example, an ad campaign may encourage users to text a company for a discount on products (“the push”), and to subscribe to alerts, opportunities or events (“the pull”). By offering users incentives to become a part of a mobile network, organizations can establish a base with which to distribute information.  Encourage mobile friendly networking by asking users to subscribe to alerts that will be delivered directly to their phone as a text message.
  3. Utilizing Social Media: Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have mobile optimized applications. Job seekers use social sites daily to interact with their personal and professional network. 1 in 6 professionals landed their job through a social network in 2012. Make sure your social presence is active and provides valuable resources to your pool of candidates. With an active social presence, you will be able to interact with candidates in real time; directly on their mobile devices.

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