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Advice for Phone Interviews, as told by Hotline Bling

Magellan knows that a phone interview can be awkward... Via Giphy But if you follow this list (and Drizzy's Dance Moves), you'll be a Pro in No Time! Via Giphy They'll Probably Call You on Your Cell Phone. Make sure it's Fully Charged, and get yourself in the Zone at least 15 minutes before the Interview begins Via Giphy Make sure you are in a Room by Yourself without any Distractions or Outside Noises Via Giphy ...Maybe not that one, but you get the idea.   Stand and smile while you talk! This will help keep your Voice Clear and make You sound [...]

Advice for Phone Interviews, as told by Hotline Bling2015-12-03T15:05:15-06:00

Interview Tips from Michael Scott

Congratulations! You have an Interview for Your Dream Job! Via Giphy Here are some helpful tips for landing the job from everyone's favorite manager, Michael Scott: Before the Interview, Research the Company. Find EVERYTHING You can about it- the Culture, Customer Ratings, Financial Statements - Until You can Explain them to Everyone Via Giphy Prepare Some Questions (at least 3) Before You Go into the Interview Via Giphy ...Maybe not that one, but you get the idea.   Brush Up on Your Resume and think of Different ways to Sell Yourself! You Should be able to Explain Everything on it, so you don't [...]

Interview Tips from Michael Scott2015-11-13T20:38:21-06:00

Time to Start Searching for New Opportunities, as Told by Office Space

You Like Your Job Well Enough Via Giphy But You Start Realizing that Your Company has some Issues Via Giphy So You Propose some Innovative, Concrete Ideas for Positive Change Via Gifsoup You Bring them to Your Manager Via Giphy But your manager isn't too interested... Your Co-Workers Just think that You're Complaining Via Giphy But...the TPS Reports? Really?? Via MemeCrunch   And Don't Even Start Talking About the Printer... Via Huffington Post You Realize that it Might be Time to Move on Via Giphy You Decide to Call Magellan and Apply for Some Opportunities Via Giphy And We Promise Neither of these [...]

Time to Start Searching for New Opportunities, as Told by Office Space2015-08-24T16:11:13-05:00

The Qualities That Separate a Good Developer from a Great One

When your goal is to hire an outstanding developer, it’s relatively easy to pinpoint the needed technical skills. But what sets A-level talent apart is the perfect balance of high-tech and high-touch. In other words, strong interpersonal skills are just as critical in the individual who will successfully bring your ideas to life without wasting your time or money. Here are six key attributes to look for in your next great developer:   Trustworthiness Your developer is not just another hired hand. Ideally, they become your partner as they bring skills to the table that turn your vision into distinct reality. If your [...]

The Qualities That Separate a Good Developer from a Great One2014-08-27T13:51:33-05:00

What is Expected of a Benefits Administrator

As you realize your HR career goals, have you considered a position as an employee benefits administrator? It’s a rewarding and challenging role for ambitious professionals who thrive on detail, diversity, multi-tasking and assessment for continuous improvement. And it’s an excellent step as you grow your professional background and optimize your future qualifications. As a benefits administrator, you’re responsible for ongoing direction of all operations related to your company’s group benefits programs including: Health and life insurance. Dental and vision. Short and long-term disability. Worker’s compensation. Travel and accident coverage. Flexible spending, 401(k) and retirement. Your realm of functions includes investigating and evaluating [...]

What is Expected of a Benefits Administrator2014-08-25T18:14:39-05:00

Set the Standards High for Honesty and Accuracy for your Administrative Team

The levels of honesty and accuracy associated with an organization and its team impacts its very livelihood, as well as that of its employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders. What can you do to help ensure the highest possible standards in both these key areas?   Trust: The Basis of Honesty To set high standards of honesty, build relationships with your administrative team members based on trust and integrity. No matter how talented people are, they will not realize their full potential without trust being present. Lead by example. Hold yourself to high moral and ethical standards. This gives employees a solid [...]

Set the Standards High for Honesty and Accuracy for your Administrative Team2014-08-20T20:51:30-05:00

Workplace Challenges for Women in Accounting

Just when you think the glass ceiling has finally been shattered, you learn things that set progress back a generation. A key example is women in the accounting workforce. Recent studies show that in order for them to have a fair shot at a partnership or other top spot, an accounting firm has to be especially diligent in outlining women’s career growth opportunities. Otherwise, women lack the critical context to make the right career decision – and you risk losing high-potential talent to the competition. Data released by the Pew Research Center shows that having a high-paying career is a top life priority [...]

Workplace Challenges for Women in Accounting2014-07-25T13:44:21-05:00

UN Looking to Triple Renewable Energy: What This Means for the Job Outlook

“After the boom of coal in the last decade, the 21st century is now the century of renewable energy.” These are the words of Greenpeace Climate Policy Analyst Martin Kaiser following research on renewable energy released this spring by the United Nations. The UN concluded that clean power plants and nuclear stations need to triple their output for the world to avoid the negative effects of global warming. What’s the latest word on demand for renewable energy and what does it mean for the industry’s upcoming employment outlook? A $17 Trillion Investment As reported by the UN, more than $17 trillion in investment [...]

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Free Temporary Job Resume Sample

Your resume is the first impression a hiring manager has of you – whether the position you’re seeking is temporary or permanent. If your objective is temporary work, a separate resume is advisable so you can clearly state this objective. Potential employers will quickly be able to recognize your goal of securing a temporary assignment and assess your skills and job fit. Create a Temporary Job Resume Keep your temporary job resume professional and clean. Make sure it highlights the range of skills and experience you’ve gained in previous assignments – or your education and/or relevant extracurricular work if you’re just starting out. [...]

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2014 Tech Salary Report

If you’re in the IT field and seeking to advance your career, the stars are aligned and it’s a great time to take it to the next level. In the words of Leon Kappelman, professor at the College of Business at the University of North Texas, “It’s a good time to be a geek!” IT salaries are increasing, more money is going to IT training and businesses are putting a higher priority on the importance of their IT functions. At the same time, 20 percent of corporate IT leaders surveyed by the Society for Information Management (SIM) reported gut-wrenching talent shortages.   Good [...]

2014 Tech Salary Report2014-07-25T20:16:04-05:00
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