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How to Work Well With Your New Team as a Temporary Worker

From 2009 to 2012, the number of Americans working in temporary help services rose by nearly 30 percent – three times that of all private job sectors. This rate continues to rise as companies realize the benefits of a temporary workforce. These pluses include increased flexibility as employers gauge the economic recovery and acclimate to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act and other legislation. Temporary work is a great solution for employees, as well. As a temporary worker: You can achieve balance in your life. Control your schedule as you juggle work with other interests and concerns such as child care or [...]

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How to Explain Temporary Employment on Your Resume

If you’re currently looking for a job, it’s not uncommon to find yourself with one or more temporary work assignments included in your employment history. So the question naturally arises: Do you include them all on your resume? If you don’t, is that permissible - or are you failing to present a true picture? Omitting certain short-term assignments is not only allowable, but it helps ensure that your resume is a lean, concise and effective marketing tool for your future success. But often, temp jobs are viewed by recruiters and hiring managers as positive aspects of candidates – demonstrating their initiative and willingness [...]

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