There are two major types of recruiters the average job candidate will work with: contingent recruiters and retained recruiters.

Contingent recruiters are usually large firms that handle a wide array of clients and specialties. They also tend to work internationally. On the other hand, retained recruiters tend to be in touch with a local market. They are more hands-on with their clients and can pursue a particular role. They may cost more than a contingent recruiter, but there are several benefits to working with a retained recruiter in a local market.

Communication is Key

Staying in touch is an easy but crucial step to working with a local recruiter. Unlike most candidate-recruiter relationships, pursuing a recruiter locally offers the benefit of meeting them in person. The job opportunities may not flow in immediately, but consistent communication with a local recruiter will provide you with a useful business contact and someone with a deep knowledge of your industry.


Always Know What You Want

Your local recruiter will have a narrower field of job options than a national recruitment agency. However, this is only a disadvantage to you if you are unsure of what you want out of your career. Knowing your career goals will save you both time and money by being clear and precise about the job opportunities you are pursuing.


Competitive Compensation Analysis

You may have a broad understanding of your industry, but salary specifics and benefits will vary from firm to firm. Your local recruiter can be your window for this type of information. Your local recruiter will know more about the salary options and benefits packages offered in your area and can explain to you whether current offers are competitive or not.


Understanding Your Field

Local recruiters tend to have more specialized knowledge than contingent organizations. A good local recruiter will know if your field is growing or shrinking in the area, and is on top of evolving requirements for jobs.


Your Recruiter is a Contact

Take advantage of your local recruiter’s business connections. Whether you want to set up informational interviews with peers in your field or ask for referrals to industry colleagues, your local recruiter will appreciate your openness and may return the favor when the time comes.

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