Are you familiar with the apps that you need most in your career as an accountant? Here’s a snapshot of six of the most popular options (click on any of the names to find out more information) available on your mobile device.

powerOne Finance Pro Calculator

Features include commonly used calculations including those for 401k plans, auto loans and leases, bonds, break evens, currency conversion and cash flow. In addition to a general business calculator, numerous other options also are included.

  • Graphs help you visualize information if you’re calculating an amortization or loan. This can be very helpful when explaining related details to clients.


This is safe, secure app for storing all your passwords. You only need to remember one master password to access them all.

  • 1Password helps you generate strong passwords so you can be assured that your sensitive information is as secure as possible.

Fantastical 2

This calendar app is ideal for scheduling all your appointments and events. It offers interfaces and layouts that surpass the built-in calendar apps on your device.

  • You can easily combine all your reminders into a single app. Fantastical 2 pulls everything from your existing calendars. Built-in apps are retained in case you need them.


This app enables you to quickly take – and manage – client and meeting notes. It then seamlessly syncs your notes between devices.

  • Create multiple notebooks to manage different clients or projects. You can add tags in order to search for specific notes when you need them. You also can create checklists and add photos and voice notes.
  • PDFs can be stored. For instance, you can use this option for all the tax forms you would normally send to clients. This avoids you having to tote around cumbersome loads of paperwork.


Use Dropbox to send and receive documents. This cloud storage app syncs up content and allows you to share it between different computers.

  • Share files by sending them to clients in a single message. You no longer will have to send several emails in order to accommodate all the necessary information. For example, use Dropbox when sending in tax details, providing a complete review of a client’s financial dealings, or working on a large, multi-faceted project.
  • It’s very user friendly. Simply upload a file to the app and send an email with a link that allows the recipient to download it.
  • Documents can be opened in external apps inside Dropbox. Files can be organized just like they would on your desktop so it’s easier to quickly find what you need.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro lets you take photos of documents that require signatures and other handwritten information. You can then upload these items to Dropbox, email them, or share them with others. If you have a newer iPhone or iPad, Scanner Pro images are higher quality than on most desktop scanners.

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