Interviewing Tips For Standing Out In The Candidate Pool

If you have landed an interview, you should congratulate yourself. You have been actively seeking work, you put together a clean resume and networked with the right people. But you are not alone.  Any interviewee must be conscious of the candidate pool he or she is a part of. You should also be asking yourself, “What makes me stand out?”

Chances are, your peers have read the major self-help tips: arrive early, make eye contact, smile, answer the questions deliberately, ask questions with purpose and so on. These are no doubt fine techniques, but they are only preliminary, and there is more that can put you ahead of your competition.

    1. Prep & Confirm. Researching the organization is a great way to begin to understanding your potential employer’s mission, goals and history. It is also an effective and productive way to keep your mind on task. No amount of worrying will prepare your for an interview and possessing thorough knowledge of an employer can only bolster your chances for a position. Before the interview, make sure to confirm the date and time again with the company. Send an email or place a phone call.  Express your enthusiasm and look professional in the process.
    2. Practice For Rapport. The web is loaded with sample interview questions that can help you prepare for the interview.  There is no harm is going over them and preparing answers. Doing so in front of a mirror or with a friend will alert you to your body language and facial expressions. This practice will certainly relax you as the interview begins. Use this extra energy to pursue small talk or lighthearted conversation with your interviewer. Get to know them a little before the interview formally begins. But don’t take it too far! Stay focused and know when it is time to sell your skills. This will calm the atmosphere and break the rigidity of the normal interviewing process.
    3. Ask For A Tour. After your interview, it is advantageous to ask for a tour of the facility. The tour will give you an opportunity to display your enthusiasm for the company and display your level of commitment to the interviewer. A tour will also give you a chance to ask more detailed questions that can help bolster your interviewer’s faith in your professionalism.
    4. Let It Be About The Company, Not You. Do not placate your interviewer. Remember, this person is your gateway into a career, so respond attentively and ask questions that you truly have, not the ones that look good or fill the space of a pause. Ask an interviewer to expand upon the organization’s mission and values. Eexplain why these align with you personally and how you hope to utilize them in your position.  Give your interviewer an idea of what you can do for the company by expressing your interest and showing your knowledge of the company culture.
    5. A “Thank You” Is Important. Based on your conversations with your interviewers, address personalized “thank you” cards to each of them.  A hiring manager is a busy person with countless candidates to screen. A sign of gratitude will allow you to thank him or her for the opportunity, while otherwise positioning you ahead of your peers as kind, professionally minded and humble.

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