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What is Expected of a Benefits Administrator

As you realize your HR career goals, have you considered a position as an employee benefits administrator? It’s a rewarding and challenging role for ambitious professionals who thrive on detail, diversity, multi-tasking and assessment for continuous improvement. And it’s an excellent step as you grow your professional background and optimize your future qualifications. As a benefits administrator, you’re responsible for ongoing direction of all operations related to your company’s group benefits programs including: Health and life insurance. Dental and vision. Short and long-term disability. Worker’s compensation. Travel and accident coverage. Flexible spending, 401(k) and retirement. Your realm of functions includes investigating and evaluating [...]

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UN Looking to Triple Renewable Energy: What This Means for the Job Outlook

“After the boom of coal in the last decade, the 21st century is now the century of renewable energy.” These are the words of Greenpeace Climate Policy Analyst Martin Kaiser following research on renewable energy released this spring by the United Nations. The UN concluded that clean power plants and nuclear stations need to triple their output for the world to avoid the negative effects of global warming. What’s the latest word on demand for renewable energy and what does it mean for the industry’s upcoming employment outlook? A $17 Trillion Investment As reported by the UN, more than $17 trillion in investment [...]

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Benefit Administrator Job Salaries in Philadelphia

The recruitment, hiring and retention of qualified employees is vital to business success. Benefit administrators are HR professionals who assist in this process by designing and administering employee benefit programs including health insurance and retirement plans. Individuals with a broad range of business, communication and interpersonal skills have access to the best opportunities in this increasingly competitive field. Employment of HR managers including benefit administrators is expected to increase rapidly in the years ahead. This will be prompted largely by rising healthcare costs and new coverage options. As noted by the Princeton Review, there are approximately 50,000 benefits administration specialists currently working in [...]

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4 Secrets For Establishing Leadership in the Workplace

Management and leadership go hand in hand. Both are important and both are necessary, but they aren’t the same thing. When Warren Bennis wrote the business best-seller "On Becoming a Leader," he drew some distinctions between the two. Managers administer. Leaders innovate. A manager is a copy. A leader is an original. Managers accept the status quo. Leaders change it. Managers rely on control. Leaders inspire trust. Managers have their eye on the bottom line. Leaders have their eye on the horizon. In today’s workplace, management and leadership are not easily separated. People look to their managers not just to assign them tasks, [...]

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Financial Analyst Job Listing

Job postings on your Careers page and online boards are a highly effective way to reach potential candidates while providing valuable insights on your positions, organizational culture and employment brand. These listings build links and drive targeted job seeker traffic to your openings. Search engine optimization enables you to extend the life of your postings, enhance your company’s page ranking and reach very specific online audiences. Used strategically, SEO can lower your cost per hire and help you reach top talent ahead of your competition. What steps can you take to set your postings apart from the others?   Use Keywords More than [...]

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Renewable Energy Shows Growth in 2014

A single Verizon business site saved more than $8,000 in one year by increasing its use of renewable energy. The number of remote stations going “off the grid” is predicted to rise from 13,000 in 2012 to 84,000 in 2020, as hybrid power usage equates to smart budgeting as well as environmental conservation. The flexibility provided by hybrid energy sources is a major plus, especially in remote regions. In addition, renewable energy is a tremendous advantage in the event of a traditional power outage. Flexibility makes sense. Using only one energy source may not provide enough power when compared with more flexible hybrid [...]

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4 Benefits of Philadelphia Temp Work

If you want to expand your career opportunities by garnering a broad base of business and industry experience, skills and contacts, working as a temporary consultant is an excellent option. It works well for those who are still defining their permanent career paths, as well as for individuals seeking optimal scheduling flexibility.   The benefits include:   Skills Development Different companies have different systems and operations, even if they’re within the same industry. By spending time temping, you experience new environments and master new skills. This enriches your resume. At the same time, you typically earn a wage comparable to or higher than [...]

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How to Retain Top IT Performers

Now that the global recession has eased, it’s no secret that top-performing employees, particularly in areas like engineering and IT, are in prime demand. The tide has turned and for A-level talent, it’s become a candidate’s market once again. At the same time, there’s a disconnect between how happy company leaders think their IT employees are and the actual levels of satisfaction reported by these employees. While nearly 75 percent of CIOs in a recent survey rated their workers’ job satisfaction levels as high, more than a third of IT employees said they planned to look for another job within the next year. [...]

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Magellan wins Best of Staffing

Leading Philadelphia Staffing Firm Wins Major Industry Award   Philadelphia, PA – March 6, 2014 –Magellan Search & Staffing has added another key industry award to their overflowing trophy shelf, having been named to Inavero’s 2014 Best of Staffing™ Client List. Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, the fifth annual Best of Staffing Award provides the only statistically valid and objective service quality benchmarks for the industry, revealing which staffing agencies deliver the highest quality of service to their clients. In a year when the staffing industry’s client service quality scores are trending down once again, the Best of Staffing winners scored well above [...]

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Six Things You Should Be Doing If You’re Unemployed

Losing your job isn't always a bad thing. While it may seem like an unexpected setback, unemployment is the perfect time for growth as both an individual and professional. Rather than taking the counter-productive, shotgun approach in your job hunt, focus on becoming more hirable. Here’s how.   Volunteer Volunteering can raise your chances of being hired if you’re strategic about it. Offer your services pro bono somewhere relevant in your field to keep your skills fresh while enhancing your resume. To hiring managers, it shows that you are passionate about the work you do and that money isn't the sole reason you [...]

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