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Interview Questions You Don’t Use – But Should

Think about it: When interviewing a job candidate, your plan is not to hire simply another run-of-the-mill employee. The goal is to enhance your team by finding a strong contributor who adds creativity, innovation, motivation and ultimately, value. So, why would you limit the potential value of the interview itself by using only standard, ho-hum questions? Sure, you need to know basic facts about a person’s history and experience, but much of that can be gleaned from their resume and personal references. Use the interview as the unique opportunity it is – and really get to know a candidate and whether or not [...]

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Boosting Employee Retention

Employee education begins when a candidate submits an application. Interaction within the company fosters candidates’ understanding of the organization’s mission and goals. Increase your employee retention! Building a stable, talented workforce is the lifeblood of a successful business.   Train In Company Culture The workplace is a learning environment.  New employees learn habits and routines from what they see around them.  Staff orientation is essential to an applicant’s entry into the workplace, but the setting their colleagues and supervisors create will ultimately dictate the long-term behavior of the office.   Each employee is also an individual within the organization.  Demanding uniformity is a [...]

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