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How to Work Well With Your New Team as a Temporary Worker

From 2009 to 2012, the number of Americans working in temporary help services rose by nearly 30 percent – three times that of all private job sectors. This rate continues to rise as companies realize the benefits of a temporary workforce. These pluses include increased flexibility as employers gauge the economic recovery and acclimate to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act and other legislation. Temporary work is a great solution for employees, as well. As a temporary worker: You can achieve balance in your life. Control your schedule as you juggle work with other interests and concerns such as child care or [...]

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Tools to Help Keep Your Accounting Team Top Notch

Are you looking for the best on-line accounting solution for your business? A number of Web-based tools are available, offering the convenience of accessing key information from any Internet-connected device. They are Cloud based and use both Web and mobile technology. You can connect them to your financial institutions and credit card transactions, and the follow standard double-entry accounting rules. Use these tools to: Create customer, vendor and employee records. Manage income and expenses via transaction forms such as invoices and bills. Process payroll. Here’s a brief look at some of the best options available: QuickBooks Online Plus This is the original and [...]

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How to Turn a Temporary Position Into a Permanent Job

An increasing number of companies are using temporary employees to fill full-time positions. Working as a temp gives you the opportunity to be on the inside, which can ultimately be an advantage over external candidates when applying for permanent jobs. Now is a great time to make this transition, as the economy is on the upswing and employers are more ready, willing and able to hire than they may have been in recent years. The McKinsey Global Institute recently reported that 5 percent of companies expect to hire more part-time, temporary or contract workers over the next five years. The key to making [...]

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