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Another Philadelphia Business Journal Award Win for Magellan!

Magellan Receives 5th Consecutive Award from Philadelphia Business Journal for Placing Philadelphia’s Top Talent Wayne, PA- April, 2015- For the 5th consecutive year and 6th time in 7 years, Magellan Search and Staffing has won Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2015 Top Executive Recruiters Contingency Search Firm award. Magellan’s 11th place ranking on the 2015 list puts it among the premiere recruiting firms in the Philadelphia area. Previous rankings were 12th in 2009, ninth in both 2011 and 2012, and sixth in 2013 and 2014. In compiling the list, Philadelphia Business Journal ranked contingency search agencies according to the number of clients placed locally, through [...]

Another Philadelphia Business Journal Award Win for Magellan!2015-05-29T13:18:00-05:00

Workplace Challenges for Women in Accounting

Just when you think the glass ceiling has finally been shattered, you learn things that set progress back a generation. A key example is women in the accounting workforce. Recent studies show that in order for them to have a fair shot at a partnership or other top spot, an accounting firm has to be especially diligent in outlining women’s career growth opportunities. Otherwise, women lack the critical context to make the right career decision – and you risk losing high-potential talent to the competition. Data released by the Pew Research Center shows that having a high-paying career is a top life priority [...]

Workplace Challenges for Women in Accounting2014-07-25T13:44:21-05:00

Free Temporary Job Resume Sample

Your resume is the first impression a hiring manager has of you – whether the position you’re seeking is temporary or permanent. If your objective is temporary work, a separate resume is advisable so you can clearly state this objective. Potential employers will quickly be able to recognize your goal of securing a temporary assignment and assess your skills and job fit. Create a Temporary Job Resume Keep your temporary job resume professional and clean. Make sure it highlights the range of skills and experience you’ve gained in previous assignments – or your education and/or relevant extracurricular work if you’re just starting out. [...]

Free Temporary Job Resume Sample2014-06-26T19:28:37-05:00

4 Secrets For Establishing Leadership in the Workplace

Management and leadership go hand in hand. Both are important and both are necessary, but they aren’t the same thing. When Warren Bennis wrote the business best-seller "On Becoming a Leader," he drew some distinctions between the two. Managers administer. Leaders innovate. A manager is a copy. A leader is an original. Managers accept the status quo. Leaders change it. Managers rely on control. Leaders inspire trust. Managers have their eye on the bottom line. Leaders have their eye on the horizon. In today’s workplace, management and leadership are not easily separated. People look to their managers not just to assign them tasks, [...]

4 Secrets For Establishing Leadership in the Workplace2015-01-20T16:14:06-06:00

Renewable Energy Shows Growth in 2014

A single Verizon business site saved more than $8,000 in one year by increasing its use of renewable energy. The number of remote stations going “off the grid” is predicted to rise from 13,000 in 2012 to 84,000 in 2020, as hybrid power usage equates to smart budgeting as well as environmental conservation. The flexibility provided by hybrid energy sources is a major plus, especially in remote regions. In addition, renewable energy is a tremendous advantage in the event of a traditional power outage. Flexibility makes sense. Using only one energy source may not provide enough power when compared with more flexible hybrid [...]

Renewable Energy Shows Growth in 20142014-05-15T16:06:07-05:00

4 Benefits of Philadelphia Temp Work

If you want to expand your career opportunities by garnering a broad base of business and industry experience, skills and contacts, working as a temporary consultant is an excellent option. It works well for those who are still defining their permanent career paths, as well as for individuals seeking optimal scheduling flexibility.   The benefits include:   Skills Development Different companies have different systems and operations, even if they’re within the same industry. By spending time temping, you experience new environments and master new skills. This enriches your resume. At the same time, you typically earn a wage comparable to or higher than [...]

4 Benefits of Philadelphia Temp Work2014-05-15T16:02:21-05:00

The Importance of Performance Reviews to Millennials

Performance reviews are great opportunities for entry-level and younger employees as they formulate effective career path plans for the short and long-term. The workplace equivalent of a report card, these appraisals benefit managers as well, by assisting both parties in bringing out their respective best. The following performance aspects can be accurately assessed using an effective review process:   Training If an employee is struggling with tasks or lagging behind quotas, the issue could be a lack of quality training, which can be identified during a performance appraisal. As noted by HR expert and author Donald Kirkpatrick, “A supervisor’s role in evaluation is [...]

The Importance of Performance Reviews to Millennials2013-12-19T16:48:54-06:00

Recruit Successfully Year-Round by Tapping Into the Digital Pipeline

We live in a digital culture where speed, multi-tasking, and multifaceted technologic devices are the norm. A good recruiter ought to build a recruitment strategy that reflects this. How? In “recruiter’s terms” experts talk about a talent pipeline, or a set of candidates who an organization has already screened as qualified, but who are also waiting for an open position.   This type of recruitment philosophy is gaining momentum in today’s job market. Many organizations are engaging potential candidates on a variety of platforms in an attempt to set up talent pipelines. The key to this strategy is a movement away from what [...]

Recruit Successfully Year-Round by Tapping Into the Digital Pipeline2013-09-19T17:56:45-05:00
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