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Write a Thank You Note that isn’t Terrifying, as told by The Office

It is amazing to think that Halloween is just around the corner! With this holiday, expect to see ghosts, gremlins, ghouls, and Creeds soon. As terrifying as these monsters can seem, they’re nothing compared to the process of looking, applying, interviewing, and following up for a new opportunity. One of the main issues our candidates face is writing post-interview Thank You Notes, so we thought we would give you a list of "dos and don'ts" for yours! Here are some things that  can make your post-interview “thank you" note especially scary: Not sending one: Not sending a Thank You note to an employer can [...]

Write a Thank You Note that isn’t Terrifying, as told by The Office2016-10-07T16:45:50-05:00

Advice for Phone Interviews, as told by Hotline Bling

Magellan knows that a phone interview can be awkward... Via Giphy But if you follow this list (and Drizzy's Dance Moves), you'll be a Pro in No Time! Via Giphy They'll Probably Call You on Your Cell Phone. Make sure it's Fully Charged, and get yourself in the Zone at least 15 minutes before the Interview begins Via Giphy Make sure you are in a Room by Yourself without any Distractions or Outside Noises Via Giphy ...Maybe not that one, but you get the idea.   Stand and smile while you talk! This will help keep your Voice Clear and make You sound [...]

Advice for Phone Interviews, as told by Hotline Bling2015-12-03T15:05:15-06:00

Interview Tips from Michael Scott

Congratulations! You have an Interview for Your Dream Job! Via Giphy Here are some helpful tips for landing the job from everyone's favorite manager, Michael Scott: Before the Interview, Research the Company. Find EVERYTHING You can about it- the Culture, Customer Ratings, Financial Statements - Until You can Explain them to Everyone Via Giphy Prepare Some Questions (at least 3) Before You Go into the Interview Via Giphy ...Maybe not that one, but you get the idea.   Brush Up on Your Resume and think of Different ways to Sell Yourself! You Should be able to Explain Everything on it, so you don't [...]

Interview Tips from Michael Scott2015-11-13T20:38:21-06:00

Time to Start Searching for New Opportunities, as Told by Office Space

You Like Your Job Well Enough Via Giphy But You Start Realizing that Your Company has some Issues Via Giphy So You Propose some Innovative, Concrete Ideas for Positive Change Via Gifsoup You Bring them to Your Manager Via Giphy But your manager isn't too interested... Your Co-Workers Just think that You're Complaining Via Giphy But...the TPS Reports? Really?? Via MemeCrunch   And Don't Even Start Talking About the Printer... Via Huffington Post You Realize that it Might be Time to Move on Via Giphy You Decide to Call Magellan and Apply for Some Opportunities Via Giphy And We Promise Neither of these [...]

Time to Start Searching for New Opportunities, as Told by Office Space2015-08-24T16:11:13-05:00

With New Technology Comes New Conversations

The invention of the internet and modern technology opened lines of communication across the world, leading to the proliferation of new ideas and concepts. This also led to the elimination of tasks that were once trivial, yet absolutely necessary. In today’s world, technology has made many past practices obsolete to the point of absurdity, and many industries have been heavily affected by every product update that has been invented with the facilitation of communication and efficiency in mind. One especially surprising change in communication has manifested itself within the accounting and finance fields. With the advent of cloud computing, or SaaS, there is [...]

With New Technology Comes New Conversations2015-05-27T20:32:20-05:00

How to Increase Efficiency in Your Manufacturing

In today’s global business landscape, how can you best position your manufacturing facility for competitive success? Now more than ever, increasing efficiency means collecting and analyzing meaningful data, eliminating any and all forms of waste, maximizing product quality, and making effective decisions in response to real-time customer demands. “Pull” for Optimal Efficiency You’ve probably heard of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. Lean is shorthand for an enterprise-wide commitment to reducing waste, simplifying procedures and speeding up production. Six Sigma pertains to the quality assurance principles that often are paired with Lean efforts. The combination of the two has been proven to deliver better [...]

How to Increase Efficiency in Your Manufacturing2015-02-26T16:56:48-06:00

The Top Skills amongst IT Job Candidates

Since the global economy has rebounded, an increasing array of IT jobs have opened up and the requirements for landing them are as vast and varied as ever. If you’re seeking your next tech career move, what skills do you need to stand out from the competition? In a recent survey, hiring managers shared the top IT skills currently being sought by leading employers: Mobile Development Up to 60 percent of consumers’ total digital media time is spent on smartphones or tablets and this number is expected to continue its upward trend. Businesses need skilled mobile development professionals so they stay current and [...]

The Top Skills amongst IT Job Candidates2015-02-24T18:06:11-06:00

How to Reduce Employee Turnover Amongst Your Construction Team

Turnover in the construction business can lead to project delays, scheduling nightmares, cost overages and in the worst cases, threats to workers’ health and safety. It’s expensive to hire replacement talent and ensure that employees are properly-fit tested and ready to take on their new positions. Research has repeatedly shown that new hires make the most on-the-job mistakes. One recent survey showed that up to 40 percent of construction workers were unhappy with their jobs due to factors ranging from pay rates, practice management and promotion prospects to hours and lack of opportunity to use their professional skills. Approximately one-third said they were [...]

How to Reduce Employee Turnover Amongst Your Construction Team2015-02-13T16:35:37-06:00

The Top Apps for Accountants

Are you familiar with the apps that you need most in your career as an accountant? Here’s a snapshot of six of the most popular options (click on any of the names to find out more information) available on your mobile device. powerOne Finance Pro Calculator Features include commonly used calculations including those for 401k plans, auto loans and leases, bonds, break evens, currency conversion and cash flow. In addition to a general business calculator, numerous other options also are included. Graphs help you visualize information if you’re calculating an amortization or loan. This can be very helpful when explaining related details to [...]

The Top Apps for Accountants2015-02-05T21:12:13-06:00

What You Can do as a Manager to Improve Your Finance Team’s Productivity

You can’t force productivity. You have to aid, inspire, nurture and support it – every day, all the time. You have the best intentions when it comes to motivating your finance team or revamping your less productive processes, but inevitably something gets in the way. It may be an unexpected resignation, customer demand or other unplanned emergent situation, or just the normal tick-tocking away of your day, so it’s over before you know it. How can you make your finance team more productive and keep this priority in the forefront? Encourage Cooperation Anything you can do to remind team members why their jobs [...]

What You Can do as a Manager to Improve Your Finance Team’s Productivity2015-01-30T15:48:15-06:00
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