Job Seekers FAQ

Magellan believes that the relationships that we have developed with Philadelphia area and nationwide employers is the fuel behind our success in helping thousands of job seekers find the right job and reinvent their careers.

Simply put, we have the connections, service-oriented approach and proven process to help you streamline your job search, gain access to better jobs and exclusive employers, and prepare yourself better to land that job.

As an applicant, you will not pay for any of the services Magellan provides.

Right now. Magellan will work with you to find you an open position that’s the right for you, your skillsets and previous experience.

Magellan’s recruiters work to ensure your success. We know that from the day you decide to find a new job through the day you start, each step presents a different challenge. Your Magellan recruiter will work with you to take the stress out of the job search equation. They will match you up with positions that suit you, help you spruce up your resume, give you tips on interviewing, talk with you about salary and benefits, guide you in the event of a counteroffer, and help you think through your exit strategy. No stress – it’s part of the service Magellan offers.

Once you have applied online, we’ll conduct an interview over the phone or live in our office, spending time to understand your skills, needs and your career goals. We’ll get to know you before recommending positions to you.

Once you have completed the interview, you may be asked to do some computer testing to determine skill levels.

Magellan does reference checks with previous employers and other references provided by applicants. Once reference information is complete, you will be presented job options based on all the factors of your interview process.

Job availability changes on a daily basis. Once our application process is complete, you will be considered based on your preferences and your skills, and will be presented appropriate positions. The interview and offer process will be different from position to position, but your Magellan Recruiter will guide you through the process.

Not every job is going to meet the expectations you have. If you are not interested in a position, you are free to decline. We will continue to offer positions to you based on your skills and preferences.

We realize that not every job is a good fit, sometimes you do not know that until you have tried the position. If you take a job and find it is not going to work for you, we will ask that you contact us immediately. You may be asked to stay at a job long enough for us to find a replacement, but we will attempt to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. As with any interaction, communication is the key. We expect open communication from our field employees, and they can expect the same from the Magellan team.

You should regularly check out our job board and stay in regular contact with your recruiter. You can also sign up for email alerts from our job board to be informed of any new positions that match your experience as soon as they are added.