Just as a well-kept appearance in life can pay dividends socially, so too can visually appealing resumes. Your resume is the first impression a hiring manager will have of you, and a clean, visual design can make you stand out from the crowd. Follow these techniques and wow your next employer.

  1. Simplicity is critical. People are busy. An easy-to-scan resume will clearly provide information to a hiring manager and will lighten his/her workload a little for that day. Use easy-to-read fonts: Arial, Calisto MT, Times, Times New Roman, Helvetica or Futura. AVOID theatrical fonts like Comic Sans and Jokerman, as standing out visually is about efficiency and not about personality.
  2. Highlight your contact information in an effective manner. By simply making your name, address, phone and email the very first thing an employer sees, you are setting yourself ahead.  Make sure it is easy to refer back to this information as well (i.e., placing it in the header of each subsequent page).
  3. Align your resume. In other words, maintain a consistent layout. Your paragraphs should be evenly spaced, your indentations even and your bullet points should maintain similar format.
  4. Graphics can enhance your resume, but only to a point. Remember: clarity is key, so to clutter your resume with images does nothing but hurt you. Adding a border to the page can give your resume an easy, professional look or a small icon in the header can grab a hiring manager’s attention.
  5. Incorporate information outside your CV. For example, testimonials or articles about you or your work can help to bolster the information your resume has already provided.
  6. White Space is your friend. Leaving white space on the page allows the eye to move easily across information, giving it time to rest and also adding a measured, aesthetic quality to your resume.
  7. Reach Out to a colleague or friend to read over your resume and ensure these methods and techniques are used to their full advantage.

Remember not to go overboard with your visual choices, as clutter will discount you in a candidate pool.  Pick your punches and construct a resume that will show some of your personality without sacrificing efficiency, clarity and clean design.

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